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To the uninitiated, spending a week riding your bike across Iowa may hardly seem like an adventure. But RAGBRAI, the Des Moines Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, is a big deal in every way that counts for road cyclists—and it doesn’t get any more red, white, and blue than this."

Heli-Ski the Chugach Mountains Alaska
In the Chugach Mountains, first descents are still routine, and nameless peaks promise more skiable terrain than even the biggest resorts in the Lower 48. Valdez serves as base for five of the seven heli-ski outfits that work the Chugach, but only Points North takes off from Cordova. Its clients gain nearly exclusive access to a 2,000-square-mile (5,180-square-kilometer) chunk of mountains, then retreat to the Points North Orca Adventure Lodge, a converted cannery."

Monumento Ernesto Che Guevara Cuba
The Monumento Ernesto Che Guevara monument, mausoleum and museum complex, in Santa Clara is in a vast square guarded by a bronze statue of 'El Che.' The statue was erected in 1987 to mark the 20th anniversary of Guevara's murder in Bolivia."

Adolphe Bridge Luxembourg
Adolphe Bridge has become an unofficial national symbol of sorts, representing Luxembourg's independence, and has become one of Luxembourg City's main tourist attractions. The bridge was designed by Paul Séjourné, a Frenchman, and Paul Rodange, a Luxembourger, and was built between 1900 and 1903. Its design was copied in the construction of Walnut Lane Bridge in Philadelphia, the United States."
Source: wikipedia

Gondolas in Venice Italy
Gondolas in Venice are perhaps the most recognizable of all the features of Venice along with the canals and bridges themselves. Gondolas were the primary means of transportation through the waterways of Venice for centuries."

The Tobotronc at Naturlandia Andorra
The Naturlandia park have the longest alpine coaster in the world on the la Rabassa mountain in Andorra
The ‘tobotronc’ alpine coaster is a carriage that allows a trip on a kind of sledge that circulates on steel rails, controlled at all times by the person travelling. It is not a roller coaster, as the person decides the speed at which they wish to travel, without exceeding 40 kilometres an hour, and the seat belts offer maximum safety."

The Big Hole in Kimberley South Africa
Kimberley (the capital of the Northern Cape, South Africa) is famous with the Big Hole. It’s a huge open-pit diamond mine and claimed to be the largest hole excavated by hand. 50,000 miners dug a almost circular hole with a surface area of about 17 hectares, a perimeter of about 1,6 km and depth around of 215m, right in the middle of the town."
Source: wayfaring.info

Bob Marley Week Jamaica
Throughout Jamaica but especially in Kingston, people celebrate the life and music of Bob Marley, who died of cancer in 1981 at the age of 36. Reggae fans and Rastafarians gather to enjoy a feast of events evoking the memory of Jamaica's favourite son.

Zenkov Cathedral Kazakhstan
The Ascension Cathedral, also known as Zenkov Cathedralis a Russian Orthodox cathedral located in Panfilov Park in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Completed in 1907, it is the second tallest wooden building in the world."
Source: panoramio.com

Pico Cão Grande (Great Dog Peak) São Tomé and Príncipe
The Pico Cão Grande (Great Dog Peak) is a landmark needle-shaped volcanic plug peak in São Tomé and Príncipe, located in the south of São Tomé Island in Obo National Park."

Fishermen's Bastion Hungary
As part of the renovation works of the district hosting the Royal Palace in Budapest, Fishermen's Bastion was built in 1905. There are two explanations about the origin of the name bastion. Some people say that a fish market is nearby here in the Middle Ages and pulling and name bastion. Another explanation is based on the assumption that fishermen guilds defended this part of the castle wall in Budapest. Despite being called a bastion is actually building is a terrace where the view is amazing."
Source: bestourism.com

Tree-Climb Chilkat Alaska
Ascend 250-foot (76-meter) tall spruces smack in the middle of the world’s highest concentration of bald eagles."

Bahrain Fort Bahrain
A UNESCO World Heritage site, the fort is composed of mounds made by the primitive peoples in 2300 BC. It is one of the most highly regarded tourist spots in Bahrain, as it used to be the seat of the Dilmun civilization. The name actually means Bahrain Castle."
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Featured Achievements

skydive toronto!
yasmim ferreira on goal Go skydivingOne person likes this

Claire Tiffin on goal Go on a family camping holidayOne person likes this

Walks- Long nature walks in the woods or by the shore, hiking through the wilderness, or just strolling around my neighborhood. This has been my place of peace and calm ever since I was a little girl and could spend hours and hours just wandering.
Megan on goal Make a list of 101 things that make me happy One person likes this

Miriam on goal Go tubing on the Wisconsin riverOne person likes this

The Perth Guinness World Record Kilt Run! :D
Jennie MacCosham on goal Run a half marathonOne person likes this

Barb Kyllingstad on goal Swim in the Blue LagoonOne person likes this

Loving life at Mystery Jets at Glastonbury Festival. 26/06/16
Laura on goal See 10 bands/artists live I haven't seen beforeOne person likes this

Sunrise, Indian Beach, NC

England beat Portugal 1-0 at Wembley Stadium yesterday on the 2nd June, 2016. This was the view from my seat.

Visited the Grand Canyon with Corey
Ally on goal Visit the Grand CanyonOne person likes this

2016 - Done!
Michele Paes on goal Donate blood every year3 people like this

Kit Kat Kake!!
Katelyn McWilliams on goal Make a kit-kat cake2 people like this

My highlight, Itsukushima Shrine
Pan Reas on goal Visit Japan4 people like this

Just went to North Korea!
Sebastian Cool on goal Explore Pyongyang4 people like this

While I was in Dallas for Wrestlemania 32 I met Diamond Dallas Page and heard about his DDP Yoga. Came home curious about it, signed up for a three month online membership and discovered I love love love it!

Keto Bread
Maggie on goal Bake bread from scratch3 people like this

Ines Raimundo on goal Visit AustriaOne person likes this

Sebastian Cool on goal Visit Kiev3 people like this

1. Pied Wagtail

Dutch Comic Con 2016!
Moja Schuring on goal Make my own cosplay costume3 people like this

Rowing in El Retiro - Madrid
Alexandra on goal Visit Madrid4 people like this

A lifelong goal accomplished!
Chelsea J on goal Take a picture with the Pyramids6 people like this

Sarah Gregory on goal Learn how to make an origami crane6 people like this

I bought a mandolin!! It is an Ibanez, electric acoustic.
$200- Burt Murdock Music

Steve on goal Visit the Georgia AquariumOne person likes this

Rowed in a 'gentleman's rowing skiff' yesterday. I'm not a visual/spatial person so I struggled with knowing what to do when I needed to turn the boat…
Pan Reas on goal Row along the Yarra4 people like this

Masha Harris on goal Visit the Houston Zoo5 people like this

New Zealand, Hobbiton :)
Eszter on goal Travel to a new country15 people like this

Koh Taooo
Fleur on goal Visit Ko Tao3 people like this

I'm lucky enough to live half an hour away from the Falls. But sometimes it's nice to remind yourself how lucky you are to be next to something so beautiful that people travel to from all over the world.
The photo is myself, a college roommate and her new boyfriend- what a great day! If you do the Maid of the Mist, make sure to go to the Cave of the Winds!

This is Kara! I adopted her from the care for dogs foundation shelter in Chiang Mai, Thailand whilst volunteering there last year. I fell in love with her and I had to find a way to get her home to the UK! It took many months and a lot of cash but she is now here and as happy as can be. <3
Sarah on goal Adopt a dog from a shelter14 people like this

For Christmas this year I got a lovely bath pillow and bathtub caddy, which I was eager to try out. Filled the tub with lavender chamomile bubbles, added a cup of dessert tea and some petit fours, soft piano music, and a relaxing light book. SO relaxing after working 6 days a week all month.
Megan on goal Take a bubble bath15 people like this
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