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Ideas & Inspiration

The Škocjan Caves Slovenia
Škocjan Caves is a cave system in Slovenia. Due to its exceptional significance, Škocjan Caves was entered on UNESCO’s list of natural and cultural world heritage sites in 1986. International scientific circles have thus acknowledged the importance of the caves as one of the natural treasures of planet Earth. Ranking among the most important caves in the world, Škocjan Caves represents the most significant underground phenomena in both the Karst region and Slovenia."
Source: wikipedia.org

The Beauty Pool of Yellowstone National Park Wyoming
The Beauty Pool of Yellowstone National Park - The hot spring allows luminous algae and bacteria to flourish creating a vivid array of colors."
Source: yahoo.com

Cathedral Caverns State Park Alabama
Cathedral Caverns State Park in Marshall County, Alabama. An immense cave entrance leads viewers to unique subterranean rock formations such as a 45-foot tall stalagmite named Goliath, and a stalagmite forest. As far as caving goes, this is one of the best caves."
Source: funfix.com

Tiger's Nest (Taktsang) Monastery in Bhutan Bhutan
This mystical kingdom, tucked into the Himalayas between India and China, offers visitors a glimpse of an isolated culture untouched by the passage of time. Women still create intricate weavings by hand. Paintings created centuries ago still grace ancient buildings."
Source: bhutantour.bt

Bosra’s Roman amphitheatre Syria
In Bosra—a crossroads in the desert just an hour and half south of Damascus—the Roman world intersects the Arabic in an ancient theater turned fortress. You can imagine watching a classical play while a battle rages beyond the massive walls that were built around the free-standing amphitheater."
Source: trazzler.com

The Hill of Crosses Lithuania
The Hill of Crosses near Siaulai is a memorial to the pain over those who gave their lives in the fight against Communism, in the 1863 revolution and in the Partisan war between 1944 and 1956. It all started when three graves were found after people killed in the 1863 revolution and crosses erected over them. It’s been adding ever since. The hill has about a million crosses, but as visitors continue to hang their own small crosses on the larger ones it is quite impossible to estimate the real number."
Source: qedata.se

Asmara Eritrea
Various Eritrean cities have kept the marks of Italian colonialism. That is the case of Asmara, the colonial capital under the Italian occupation. When they left the country in 1941, they left behind a bit of Italy, today coloured by the bougainvilleas and the palm trees."

Citadelle Laferrière Haiti
The Citadelle Laferrière is a large mountaintop fortress located in nothern Haiti, approximately 17 miles(27km) south to the city of Cap Haitien. It is the largest fortress in the Western Hemisphere and was designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1982."

Danza de los Zancos Spain
A young stilt dancer takes dizzying routine to the streets on the occasion of the Danza de los Zancos (Lit. Stilt Dancing) festivity as part of a religious ritual to honor its patron saint day, Mary Magdalene, in Anguiano, La Rioja, northern Spain, July 22, 2011. Each year, eight dancers from Anguiano throw themselves spinning at a paved steep hill on stilts measuring some 50 centimeters."

Volcanoes National Park Rwanda
Perhaps best known as the home of the rare mountain gorilla, the Virungas are that and so much more. Trekking through the park in far northwest Rwanda, one will find a tapestry of sensory delights."

Cinque Terre Italy
A National Park and Unesco World Heritage site, allegedly the cleanest area of Italy and a mesmerizing jewel in the Ligurian crown - the Cinque terre (5 lands) escape any description. The five adorable villages precariously nested on the rugged cliffs of the Italian Riviera - Monterosso, Vernazza, Manarola, Corniglia, and Riomaggiore - sprawl along the scenic portion of the azure coast between Levanto and La Spezia."
Source: opentravel.com

Cao Dai Temple Vietnam
Cao Dai is an attempt to create a perfect synthesis of world religions. It is a combination of Christianity, Buddhism , Islam, Confucianism, Hinduism, Geniism, and Taoism.
Source: rol.vn

Salar de Uyuni Bolivia
The world’s largest salt flat, measuring just over 4,000 square miles, Salar de Uyuni is the remnants of a giant prehistoric lake near the Andes.
More than 25 times larger than the famous Bonneville Salt Flats in the US, Salar de Uyuni contains more than 10 billion tons of salt, of which just 25,000 tons are extracted annually. It also holds half the world’s stock of Lithium."
Source: virginmedia.com
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Featured Achievements

Hannah Cp on goal Learn to sew2 people like this

Ginny on goal Visit Stonehenge3 people like this

two dweebs in a blanket fort
Laurel Sanders on goal Sleep in a blanket fortOne person likes this

Caroline Aro on goal Run a 5K race2 people like this

Beijing, done!
Sebastian Cool on goal Visit Beijing3 people like this

Kristiina on goal Go to Venice3 people like this

Coconut cream topped with caramel, chocolate, and toasted coconut.
Jessica Payseur on goal make a pie on Pi Day (March 14)2 people like this

Sandi28 on goal Go see the "Welcome to Las Vegas" signOne person likes this

Keri Thompson on goal Go to an oyster barOne person likes this

2. James the duck
Anita Chang on goal Complete 10 knitting/crochet projectsOne person likes this

Naivuruvuru village
Lucy Brook on goal Travel to a new place2 people like this

Maybe a little less red and a bit more green? Also, a little less fast food. However, it is better than I expected.

24 February 2015
Inez on goal Visit the LouvreOne person likes this

Hiking in Alaska
Kate on goal Go hiking2 people like this

Sea shells on Sanibel Island
Kate on goal Go shell collecting on Sanibel IslandOne person likes this

I learned how to cast-on from a YouTube video, and Mom Rydin taught me to knit on February 6, 2015.

Went shooting for the first time with Cody & the fam bam on January 2, 2015
Kelsey on goal Shoot a gun2 people like this

Finished the Disney Half!
Sarah Vaughn on goal Complete a half marathon3 people like this

TJ Hanna on goal Visit Yosemite National Park3 people like this

Cassie DeFillipo on goal Visit Machu Picchu5 people like this

Anna G. on goal Go back to Kathmandu3 people like this

Kristyn on goal Go ice skating at Maggie DalyOne person likes this

Keira How on goal Visit Khao Sok National Park2 people like this

Elina on goal Swim with dolphins4 people like this

I had two friends over for a weekend. One from Australia and one from Germany. They had never been to Bruges so it was a great opportunity to go on a canal boat along the waterways of Bruges.

Brooklyn Bridge, 15th January 2015
Fran on goal Walk the Brooklyn Bridge4 people like this

Pastry cooking class - Paris. September 2014
Michaela Fowler on goal Take a cooking class6 people like this

I went to Reading Festival August 2014 for a weekend with my friends.
Courtney Jones on goal Go to a festivalOne person likes this

Cameron Teske on goal Go hunting 2 people like this

Calgary in the AM, walking to my work course.

Washington DC, September 2014

I could not ask for more. ♥

Howloween at the Wisconsin Humane Society

We won 2nd Place at the costume contest (dressed as a Smore)
Kristin Beran on goal Attend 3 Charity EventsOne person likes this
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