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Note Added
Note added by Rachel Whitten. 4 days ago
1. “Shadow and Bone” recommended by Lisa- 3/9/19
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Note added by Sarah-Ann King. 2 months ago
1. The Tattoo Artist of Auschwitz - Lynn
2. The Hate U Give - Susan
Note Added
Note added by Susan. 5 months ago
1. Susan
2. Warran
3. Mam
4. Krista
5. Lloyd
6. Laura
7. Jack
8. Tante Dinie
9. Joan
10. Harry
11. Aaron
12. Chrissy
13. Allan
14. Emily
15. Waylan
16. Danielle
17. Damien
18. Mike
19. Manon
20. Chester
Note Added
01 - Ensaios de Amor - Alain de Botton (Cynthia Miranda) Início: 29/06/2018 - Fim: 02/07/2018
Outras recomendações: Da Minha Terra à Terra ou A Arquitetura Da Felicidade ou Joy Division. Unknown Pleasures
02 - Você Pode Curar Sua Vida (Camila Balthazar) Início: 03/07/2018 - Fim: 07/07/2018 Outra recomendação: Quem me roubou de mim/
03 - À Sombra de Gigantes (Thiago Arantes) Início: 08/07/2018 - Fim: 11/07/2018
04 - Outliers/The tipping point - Malcolm Gladwell (Tiago Mendonça) Início: 01/09/2018 - Fim: 17/09/2018
05 - Leonardo da Vinci ou Einstein. Sua Vida, Seu Universo ou Benjamin Franklin. Uma Vida Americana ou Steve Jobs de Walter Isaacson ou Por que as Nações Fracassam. As Origens do Poder, da Prosperidade e da Pobreza (Antonio Curi)
06 - Sapiens - Uma Breve História da Humanidade (Fausto Carvalho)
07 - Ato e Fato. O Som e A Fúria de Que Se Viu no Golpe de 1964 (Victor Hirakuri)
08 - Meninos em Fúria (Leonardo Neves)
09 - Estranheirismo - Zack Magiezi (Yara Viana)
10 - Roberto Civita. O Dono da Banca. A Vida e as Ideias do Editor da Veja e da Abril ou Carmen. Uma Biografia (Rafael Araújo)
11 - Correr: O exercício, a cidade e o desafio da maratona (Dorian Smarzaro)
12 - Reflexões autobiográficas - Eric Voegelin (João Paulo Tavares)
13 - A Verdade é Insuportável (Elmar Ernani)
14 - Tempos Modernos - Paul Johnson (Rodrigo Rommel)
15 - A Volta ao Mundo em 80 dias - Julio Verne (Dorian Smarzaro)
16 - A Ditadura Militar e a Longa Noite dos Generais. 1970-1985 ou A Ditadura Militar e os Golpes Dentro do Golpe. 1964-1969 ou A Praga ou Os Números do Jogo (Manoel Castanho)
17 - Deuses Americanos - Neil Gaiman (Valéria do Sul)
18 - A lógica do Cisne Negro/Anti-Frágil/Rápido e Devagar (Hugo Alencar)
19 - A Morte do Caixeiro Viajante - Arthur Miller (Gay Talese)
20 - O Poder do Agora - Eckhart Tolle e Iva Sofia Gonçalves Lima (Reinaldo Leite)
Note Added
Note added by Chelsea Goode. 6 months ago
Born to Run
12 Rules for Life
Wheel of Time series
The Aeronauts Windlass series
The Hiding Place
The Whole-Brain Child
The Romanov Ransom
Killers of the Flower Moon
A Thief in Time
Note Added
Note added by Chelsea Goode. 6 months ago
Asked friends for their book recommendations today. This goal will line up with my goal to read one book a month.
Note Added
Note added by Dawn. 6 months ago
1. Blink
2. Start with Why - COL C
Note Added
Note added by Kimberly. 6 months ago
1. Simone: de Boekendief
2. Maud: Onderhuids
3. Sarah: Abbi Glines
4. Shannon: Hex - read may 2018
5. Quiette: Extremely loud & incredibly close
6. Angela: ?
7. Valerie: Marieke Nijkamp
8. Willem: De rijstmoeder
9. Dink: Het wonderlijke voorval met de hond in de nacht
10. Geert: het boek Ont (Anton Valens)
11. Linda: De aardkinderen
12. the subtle art of not giving a fuck
13. Nienke: bonita avenue
14. Daniëlle : Lieve mama
Note Added
Note added by Lee. 6 months ago
1) Kate Chopin - The Awakening
2) Trevor Noah - Born A Crime
Note Added
Note added by Leelee. 6 months ago
1. Watchmen
2. Dark Days Club
3. Dark Days Pact
4. Her Royal Spyness
5. Escargot
6. Sammy Keyes and the Hotel Thief
7. The Hundred Year House
8. Mervin the Sloth is About to do the Best Thing in the World
9. Peter and Ernesto
10. The Cruel Prince
11. Luckiest Girl Alive
12. My Sister Rosa
13. I'm Judging You
14. Whole 30
15. Outlander Kitchen
16. Smitten Kitchen
17. Smitten Kitchen Every Day
18. Big Mushy Happy Lump
19. White Rabbit
20. My Brilliant Friend
Note Added
Note added by Sue Myers. 6 months ago
Anything by Picoult (Priya)
●One Child by Hayden (Chrissy)
●Boston Girl (Nancy)
●Do Andriods Dream of Electric Sheep (Lucy)
Stranger in A Strange Land (Kim)
I'll Be Gone In The Dark (Zgoda)
Boys on the Boat (Phyllis)
American Gods (Fawn)
Note Added
X Bonnie - Inferno - Dan Brown
Elise - De naam van de wind - Patrick Rothfuss
X Amy - Lieve mama - Esther Verhoef
Elize - Narnia serie
Papa - de noodzaak - stephen king
Eliza - Caraval - Stephanie Garbel
Merel - De waarheid over de zaak van Harry Quebert - Joël Dicker
Maartje - Cinder - Marissa Meyer
Janne - Note to self - Connor Franta
Lisanne - Glazen Troon - Sara J Maas
Rebekka - De Uitnodiging
XDieuwertje - Harry Potter and the goblet of fire - J.K. Rowling
XDani - 13 enveloppen 1 rugzak
CDieuwke - Judas
Note Added
Note added by kanelikisu. 8 months ago
Note Added
Note added by Melissa Sanchez. 8 months ago
1.Ender's Game-finished
2.The Testing-finished
3.Three Dark Crowns-finished
4.The Unwanteds-finished
6.Carve The Mark
8.Midnight Crossroad-finished
Note Added
Note added by SteveD. 8 months ago
1. Super Sad True Love Story - KK
2. Hag Seed - EJ
3. Between the World and Me - QRE
4. The Three-Body Problem - RN
5. Jackaby - MBE
6. Life of Pi - NA
7. Hillbilly Elegy - BA
8. Bodega Dreams - JR
9. American Gods - AT
10. 11/22/63 - MS
11. Small Great Things - ZM
12. The Hate U Give - AC
13. This One is Mine - KI
14. Tribe - AR
15. Brain on Fire - RC
16. Salvage the Bones - EF
17. Sapien - SL
18. Cutting for Stone - AT
19. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks - many
20. The Good Earth - AL
Note Added
Note added by kanelikisu. 9 months ago
6.Kerro minulle jotain hyvää
Note Added
Note added by Victoria. 1 years ago
5/20 complete

Friends to ask, and their recommendations for me:

1. Mom - Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte (Began 10/17/15 - Completed 11/10/15)
2. Isabelle - Warriors #1: Into the Wild by Erin Hunter (Began 11/12/15 - Completed 11/23/15)
3. Gregory - Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes (Began 1/1/16 - Completed 1/10/16) (I have also read Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk and will maybe The Mysterious Stranger by Mark Twain, which are other books Gregory recommended).
4. Grammy - The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls (Completed)
5. Gwen - The Maze Runner by James Dashner (3-book series) or Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins (5-book series) (Completed)
6. Rodolfo - Dune by Frank Herbert (In progress)
7. Aleks - Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut or 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami
8. Kyle - Portions from a Wine-Stained Notebook: Uncollected Stories and Essays, 1944-1990 by Charles Bukowski
9. Mama - Faith Under Construction by Cherie Hill
10. Jonathan - The Ruins of Gorlan by John Flanagan (Ranger's Apprentice 12-book series)
11. Dad - The Work and the Glory vol. 1: Pillar of Light by Gerald N. Lund (9-book series)
12. Amy
13. Karen
14. Aunt Sue
15. Mr. Andrews
16. Mrs. Tobin
17. Christopher
18. Ruth
19. Leah

Mrs. Jackson
Aunt Theresa
Mrs. Battista

Previously recommended to me (so may or may not count for the challenge?)
Christopher - The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear by Walter Moers (Completed)
Ruth - Perfume: The Story of a Murderer by Patrick Suskind (In Progress)
Marta - Born to Run by Christopher McDougall (Read)
Sister Clemens - Shouting at the Sky by Gary Ferguson
(Also Bird by Bird [Read], Crucial Conversations [Read], and anything by Alfie Kohn)
Note Added
Note added by Deb Wunder . 1 years ago
Nine folks have responded so far. If I do not hear from the other 11 by 15 March, I will send out emails to 11 more people.
Note Added
Note added by kanelikisu. 1 years ago
5.Markku Pääskynen, Sielut
Note Added
Note added by kanelikisu. 1 years ago
4.Oliver Bowden, Assassin's greed Underground
Note Added
Note added by kanelikisu. 1 years ago
3.Sophie Kinsella, Himoshoppaajan salaiset unelmat
Note Added
Note added by kanelikisu. 1 years ago
2.Barbara Demick, Suljettu maa
Note Added
Note added by kanelikisu. 1 years ago
1.Anthony Doerr, Kaikki se valo jota emme näe
Note Added
Note added by Christy. 1 years ago
So - not through the list yet, but been whittling them away. Current status is:

1. How to Read a Book by Mortimer Adler
2. Changing Planes by Ursula Le Guin
3. Godel, Escher, Bach by Douglas Hofstader
4. Bad Science by Ben Goldacre
FINISHED: 5. Catch-22 by Jospeh Heller (to the end this time!)
FINISHED: 6. Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck
7. Pandora's Star by Peter F. Hamilton
8. Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers
7. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest by Ken Kesey
FINISHED: 8. Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell
9. L'assomoir by Emile Zola
10.The Hidden Brain by Shankar Vedantam
11. Slaughterhouse 5 by Kurt Vonnegut
12. Guards! Guards! by Terry Pratchett
13. Papillon by Henri Charrière
FINISHED: 14. Empire of the Sun by JG Ballard
FINISHED: 15. A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson
16. Gift From Earth by Larry Niven
17. The Omnivore's Dilema by Michael Pollan
FINIHSED: 18. Freakonomics by Steven Levitt and Stephen J Dubner
19. The Passage by Justin Cronin
20. Between the River and the Bridge by Craig Ferguson
21. The Player of Games, by Iain M Banks
Note Added
Bonnie - Inferno - Dan Brown
Elise - De naam van de wind - Patrick Rothfuss
Amy - Lieve mama - Esther Verhoef
Elize - Narnia serie
Eliza - Caraval - Stephanie Garbel
Merel - De waarheid over de zaak van Harry Quebert - Joël Dicker
Maartje - Cinder - Marissa Meyer
Janne - Note to self - Connor Franta
Lisanne - Glazen Troon - Sara J Maas
Rebekka - De Uitnodiging
Dieuwertje -
Dani - 13 enveloppen 1 rugzak
Dieuwke - Judas
Note Added
Note added by Iva. 1 years ago
+ 1. Leona: The Mortal Instruments (C. Clare)
2. Barbi: 1Q84 (Haruki Murakami)
+ 3. Tijana: Parfem (P. Süskind)
+ 4. Jelena: The Goldfinch (D. Tartt)
+ 5. Julka: The Art of Racing in the Rain (G. Stein)
6. Lana: Wuthering Heights (E. Bronte)
+ 7. Hans: De Uitvreter (Nescio)
+ 8. Maruša: Ana v meni (D. Lorenčič)
+ 9. Vita: Nachtzug nach Lissabon (P. Mercier)
+ 10. Grega: The Man who mistook his Wife for a Hat (O. Sacks)
+ 11. Mojca: Kam je izginila Ema Lauš (V. Pečjak)
+ 12. Boštjan: Cheaper by the dozen (F. & E. Gilbreth)
13. Valentina: Divja (C. Strayed)
14. Marija: Heidi (J. Spyri)
+ 15. Marion: The Colour of Magic (T. Pratchett)
+ 16. Ines: The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (D. Adams)
17. Jure: The Beauty Myth (N. Wolf)
+ 18. Nives: The center cannot hold (E. Saks)
+ 19. Šaška: Očarljivi skupinski samomor (A. Paasilinna)
20. Nastja: Lolita (V. Nabokov)
Note Added
Bonnie - Inferno - Dan Brown
Elise - De naam van de wind - Patrick Rothfuss
Note Added
Note added by Nicole D. 1 years ago
Me Before You..suggested by Kelly C
Lost December..suggested by Robyn Y
Note Added
Note added by Monika. 1 years ago
Ask about non-fiction books about management, business, NLP, psychology, investing, sales, marketing, bodybuilding, neuroscience, psychiatry, mental/physical toughness, entrepreneurship or fictional psychological dramas.
Note Added
Note added by Luyie. 1 years ago
Lianna - Divergent series Veronica Roth
Megan - 1984 George Orwell
Denise - Flight Behaviour, Kingsolver
MJ - Life of Pi
Jake - The truth about stores, Thomas King
Jasmine - Alanna: the First Adventure, Tamora Pierce
Kerri - Speak, Laurie Halse Anderson
James - The Stand, Stephen King -- The Feed, Stephen King
Robert - The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho
Note Added
Note added by Melissa Martinez. 1 years ago
Asked on FB for 20 people to suggest a book and this is the list that was created (8/17/17)
1 Lone survivor
2 Me Before You
3 Ready Player One
4 Earth Abides
5 Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut
6 Confederacy of dunces
7 Anthem by Ayn Rand
8 Hardball for Women
9 Saving CeCe Honeycut, by Beth Hoffman
10"Last Child in the Woods" by Richard Louve.
11 11/22/63 a novel
12 The Power
13 American Gods by Neil Gaiman
14 The Thirteenth Take by Diane Setterfield
15 Buster - William Barrow
16 Business 101: 25Affirmations and Adages by Yours Truly
17 Breathing Holes by Marty Kaare (Dawn R)
18 The Last Tudor by Philippa Gregory
19 Get Over Your Damn Self by Romi Neustadt
20 Buried by Elizabeth Goddard
Note Added
Note added by Renee K. 1 years ago
1. the Others series by Anne Bishop- DONE
2. the skin of water by g.s johnston
3. the miniaturist DONE
4. we need to talk about kevin- in progress(this book is sooo hard to read!)
5. the alchemist-done
6. rough ride pj king
7. Rocco Sheryl jordan- done
8.THE MAGIC OF RECLUCE le modsitt jr- done
9. me talk pretty one day.. DONE
10. Church of marvels- done
11. Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes- DONE
12. Oryx and crake by Margaret Atwood- DONE
13. A court of thorns and roses- done
14. Painted man- done
15. The Picture of Dorian Gray- done
16. Fifty shades of grey
17. In the light of what we know by zia harder Rahman- n progress
18. the fishermen-chigozie obioma- in progress
19. the name of the wind - patrick rothfuss.. done
20 the pillars of the earth.. ken follet
Note Added
1) Jen- Dysa of the Nothing
2) Jess- Alice in Zombie Land
3) Kirsten- Modoc
4) Bev- The Color Purple
5) Melissa- The Scarlet Pimpernel
6) Shari- Alanna
7) Doug- Fat Men From Space
Note Added
Note added by Isabelle. 1 years ago
Linnea Corell -
Elisabeth Wicklin -
María -
Lucía -
Alejandro - Munken som sålde sin ferrari (X), The old man and the sea (/)
Anders Brinck -
Sergio Henrique
Linnea Molin
Sara Vestman
Eduardo - La caja (X)
Note Added
Note added by Becca. 1 years ago
1) Prisoner of Night and Fog by Anne Blankman, recommended by Danni.
Note Added
Note added by Ethan. 1 years ago
1. The Fifth Season
2. Gödel, Escher, Bach
3. Gun Machine
4. I am the Messenger
5. Cryptonomicon
6. The Space Trilogy
7. Catch-22
Note Added
Note added by Elizabeth Essex. 1 years ago
Books Suggested:
The Hobbit
Fellowship of The Ring
The Two Towers
The Return of The King
Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
Me Before You
Departure AG Riddle
The Good Girl by Mary Kubica
Still Missing by Chevy Stevens
Keeping Faith by Jodi Picoult READ
She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb
The Last Child by John Hart
Two Rivers by T. Greenwood
My Name is Memory by Ann Brashares
Look Again by Lisa Scottoline
Mothers and Other Liars by Amy Bourret
Nora Roberts Three Sisters Island trilogy
Crystor series
A court of thorns and roses
Note Added
Note added by Giedre. 1 years ago
Suggested books:
1) Betty Mahmoody- Tik su dukra (read)
2) Skaitmeninė tvirtovė (read)
3) KGB vaikai
4) Ketverto taisyklė
5) Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
6) Tarp pilkų debesų
7) Orchan Pamuk- Nekaltybės muziejus
8)9)10)Murakami - 1Q84 trilogija
Note Added
Note added by Rotuna. 2 years ago
Currently Reading:

Surely you're joking, Mr. Feynman - Shaishta

Chinmayee : Cheaper by the dozen, Jhonanthan Livingston Seagull [NR]
Kohli: The Emperor's new Mind [NR]
Note Added
Note added by Leah Kidney. 2 years ago
1 - Mustafa: Fünf Dinge die Sterbende am meinsten bereuen, Bronnie Ware
2 - Mags: The Book Thief, Markus Zusack
DONE 3 - Elior: Rosie's Project, Graeme Simsion
4 - Will: I am Legend, Richard Matheson
5 - Clare: I am Pilgrim, Terry Hayes
6 - Cat: The Goldfinch, Donna Tartt
7 - Mary: The Girl on the Train, Paula Hawkins
8 - Vanessa: 50 Dead Men Walking, Martin McGartland
9 - Steph: The Bones of You, Debbie Howells
10 - Vijay: The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution, Richard Dawkins
11 - Emer: My Life in Laughs, Jennifer Saunders
12 - Ciara: All the Light We Cannot See, Anthony Doerr
13 - James: The Wheel of Times,
14 - Alex: Stupeur et Tremblements, Amélie Nothomb
15 - Ide: Mr Nice, Howard Marks
16 - Derek: Awaken the Giant within, Anthony Robbins
17 - Allison: The Catcher in the Rye, J.D. Salinger
DONE 18 - Tom: Guns, Germs and Steel, Jahred Diamond
19 - Sarah: The Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini
DONE 20 - Ari: How we got to now, Steven Johnson
Cat: Into the Wild
Ciara: The Time Traveller's Wife
James: Game of Thrones
Vijay: Catch-22, Joseph Heller
Ide: Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail, Cheryl Strayed
Derek: The Tao Chi Ching &
Tom: The Power of One, Bryce Courtenay