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Note added by Zoe. 3 years ago
2. Hugs
It doesn't matter how bad the day might be, there's little better in life than a hug, and especially if it's from your mum.
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Note added by Zoe. 3 years ago
1. Cats.
The best thing about walking down your average residential street is the likelihood that I will be able to interrupt the conversation with the person I'm walking with (or the music I'm listening to) and stop to harass a kitty. Scientifically, stroking cats is supposed to be good for you and for the cat, which effectively means I have a license to love every cat I meet.
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Note added by Victoria. 3 years ago
Started on Friday 9 December
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24/09/2016 : 69%
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27/07/2016 : 65%
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25/07/2016 : 47%
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Note added by Sara Baker. 6 years ago
30. Sinking into a really comfortable bed...specifically Lindsey's bed when I have a girls weekend in Portland!
31. Getting a hand-written note in the mail.
32. Kind words.
33. Cheering on a friend.
34. Fruit on trees.
35. The smell of a rainstorm.
36. New car smell.
37. The smell of playdough.
Note Added
Note added by Sara Baker. 6 years ago
18. "Putting up" food for the winter.
19. Fresh, in-season, soft, warm, dribbly peaches.
20. Working on my cross stitch.
21. Completing a logic puzzle, especially if I only have to read through the clues once.
22. Making food from scratch.
23. Working in the office on Friday afternoons, or the day before a's so quiet, and people are so laid back.
24. The smell of a pipe (the smoking kind, not the utilitarian kind).
25. Receiving a handwritten letter or postcard in the mail, especially for no reason.
26. The memories that come back to me when I wear GG's perfurme.
27. Looking at pictures from sorority days in college.
28. Champagne!
29. Victorio strainers.
Note Added
Note added by Sara Baker. 6 years ago
14. The story of Regan's birth, which is really entertwined with Desmond's birth story.
15. The hint of fall in the air, when the wind starts rustling through the trees.
16. Playing a competitive tennis match.
17. Stitch and bitch with my girlfriends.
Note Added
Note added by Sara Baker. 6 years ago
7. Keeping a commitment to myself.
8. Laying in bed, listening to the rain.
9. Laughing till I cry with my girlfriends.
10. Girls weekends in Portland.
11. Checking an item off my to-do list (or my dayzero list...)
12. Pumpkin spice lattes.
13. Playing "Well, I love you MORE than..." with Desmond.
14. Letting the kids play with my hair. Although sometimes that also hurts!
15. Opening my stocking at Christmas time.
Note Added
Note added by Sara Baker. 7 years ago
1. Taking a nap in the afternoon with the fan on and listening to some calming music.
2. Watching Regan on the rocking horse.
3. Jeremy's cologne.
4. Soft kissable cheeks on my babies.
5. Chubby baby legs and arms.
6. The first time I can smell spring coming after winter. The same kind of weather that caused fraternity and sorority members on Greek Row to blast music, play frisbee, wear shorts, and sunbathe...even though it was still really way too cold for all of that.
Note Added
Note added by Pau Yahuaca. 8 years ago
1. Sleeping in My sisters My real friends My mom 5. My pets Inside jokes Remembering something nice Taking pictures Photoshop 10. Watching movies Video games TV series Nature Driving 15. Walking in the rain Listening to music Finding a song i haven't heard in a long time Singing Dancing 20. Pretending I'm singing in public Getting a little drunk LSD Feeling thin Designing 25. Going out with my sisters Finding new places Traveling Skating Cartoons 30. Candy Chocolate My mom's food Feeling loved Looking pretty 35. Talking on the phone Having my picture taken Hugs Swimming Reading 40. Re-reading books and finding different meanings Smoking Even more smoking in the rain Disneyland Disney movies and stuff 45. Getting dressed up Getting good comments about my work Being asked for help Helping Singing in the car 50. Partying all night Meeting new people Talking to strangers Weed Going to sleep 55. Staying up late Going to the theater Learning new things Speaking different languages Naps Remembering good dreams Kisses Art
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Note added by Rhiannon G. 8 years ago
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Note added by Rhiannon G. 8 years ago
27 things
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Note added by Rhiannon G. 8 years ago
20 items
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Note added by Rhiannon G. 8 years ago
13 items
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Note added by Brooklyn. 8 years ago
I added cute boys, Nutella, people with nice smiles, and Tumblr to the list. Go figure.
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Note added by Meghan. 9 years ago
4 a.m. laugh attacks at work 80's music A beautiful sunrise/sunset A cool breeze on a hot day Assembling something on my own (example: IKEA furniture) Babies Blue skies with puffy white clouds Bonfires Bubble wrap Candles Checking off something on my to-do list Chocolate Cigarette breaks Comfortable silence Coming home to Teddy Bear – he’s so excited to see me Compliments – giving and receiving Cotton candy Country music Down comforters Drag Queens Epiphanies Feeling good about myself Finding quotes I love Finishing a project Fires in the fireplace Forehead kisses Fortune cookies Freshly made bed with clean sheets Funny movies Getting lost in "his" eyes Getting lost in the moment Getting unexpected text messages Girls night out Good news Good night’s sleep Google – instant access to knowledge Green lights all the way to wherever I’m going Hand written letters, notes and cards Happy endings Having an “I am pretty” day Having my hair played with Having something to look forward to Helping someone Hot chocolate and cinnamon toast Hugs from guy friends Inside jokes Jumping in puddles during a storm Knowing I am loved Knowing that "he’s" thinking of me Laughing so hard that my stomach hurts and/or I cry Learning something new Listening to my favorite song(s) on repeat Looking at old photos Losing weight Make out sessions Massages My awesome friends – and mine are definitely awesome My mom’s fudge My stuffed animal, Crumpet New experiences New pajamas/sweats Nice, long, relaxing, hot showers Old people in love Pandora Payday – and that I have a job that allows me to be happy about payday People watching Playing on a playground Pop Rocks Rainbows Random acts of kindness Reading a really good book Roller coasters S’mores Shoulder rubs Smell of autumn Snowball fights Solving a problem Spending time with my mom Spooning and cuddling Stars in the night’s sky Surprising someone Swinging on a swing set Target Teddy Bear The atmosphere that candles create The butterflies in my stomach when it comes to something or someone new The sand between my toes The smell of freshly cut grass The Tiffany & Co. jewelry (sterling silver 1837 ring and bangle bracelet) I want – and will have The warmth of the sun on my body Thunderstorms Turning the music up super loud, singing and dancing away – and not caring if anyone sees me Twizzler’s Nibs Video crack Waking up and realizing I have more time to sleep Warm chocolate chip cookies Watching Dirty Dancing Weekends Winning Writing on foggy windows and mirrors
Note Added
Note added by Arielle. 9 years ago
Completed October 19, 2010