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Learn Japanese
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Japanese language
is a language spoken by over 120 million people in Japan and in Japanese immigrant communities. It is a member of the Japonic (or Japanese-Ryukyuan) language family, which has a number of proposed relationships with other languages, none of which has gained wide acceptance among historical linguists. Japanese is an agglutinative language and a mora-timed language. It has a relatively small sound inventory, and a lexically significant pitch-accent system.
This description uses material from the Wikipedia article on Japanese language and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License (view authors).

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Started Duo Lingo Japanese in July 2018
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I have started this goal with Duolingo which is both a app that I have on my phone and has a web site that you can use as well. It a start and that all I need at this point.
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Note added by Saturn. 5 years ago
Currently going through lesson 1 of Rosetta Stone.
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Note added by Danielle. 5 years ago
Started years ago on and off, I want to be able to hold conversations!
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Note added by Toma Denisa. 5 years ago
college. started.
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Note added by Roku. 7 years ago
Practiced 5/30
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Note added by Roku. 8 years ago
Start now, we want to go in October.
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Note added by Ayumi Watanabe. 8 years ago
Need more lessons...
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Note added by Cecilia Marie. 8 years ago
Re-study ALL material in Yookoso (plus handwritten notes) from the year and a half I took Japanese at university, ready to jump right back in at Curtin Uni this semester. Rewrite all notes. Buy "practise books" for optimised kanji study. Set out grammar really nicely for easy access when referring to old notes. Tweet in Japanese?
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Note added by Roku. 8 years ago
Plow through Genki text/workbooks. Right to the end.
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Note added by Heidi B. 9 years ago
Just the basic sentences.