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Clean out my closet
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Photo added by CHELSEA FALCO. 11 months ago
I've started cleaning out my crap! My room isn't looking like such a bomb site now.
Okay, the photo is very sideways. However, I've been working on tidying up my room - I mean really tidying it - for a while with a friend of mine to help. We finally reached my closet, and have sorted through a lot of boxes, thrown out my old college textbooks, and I took six bags to Goodwill
Photo added by Linu. 1 years ago
Cleaned house... Pasted quotations... Feeling relaxed and organised...
Note Added
Went through all the extra fabrics I was saving and purged 80% of them. Now I have space in my closet.
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Note added by Tamara Bowman . 1 years ago
Cleared out things I hadn't worn or didn't like. Still need to go through the shelves and the floor.
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Note added by Joany de Vries. 2 years ago
Zo, een opgeruimde kast en meteen de helft van de benodigde 100 dingen om weg te gooien bij elkaar verzameld in grote vuilniszakken voor de zak van Max 👍🏻
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Note added by Kayla Reed. 2 years ago
Got rid of 7 bags of clothing!
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Note added by Fleur. 2 years ago
Cleaned out all the closets that I own!! Filled two bags of clothes for charity, and threw out a sh*t load of old cosmetics, shampoos etc.
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Note added by LadyBug. 2 years ago
Time to throw out unusable clothes! No pity shall befall them! Grrr!
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Note added by Amanda S. 3 years ago
Clothes cleaned out.
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Note added by Minni Hiir. 3 years ago
Lisa 1 euro
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Note added by Sarah-Ann King. 3 years ago
Jan. 11th - 2016: Went through my entire closet and donated everything that I haven't worn in the last 3 months (with the exception of my summer clothes).
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Note added by Vicky Benneton. 4 years ago
Living in the Netherlands, then moving back home, and preparing to move for Canada has definitely changed my closet and style habits. Also, mostly due to my immensely improved self-confidence I feel good wearing what I have, rather than wishing for all those H&M and Lindex clothes (can't deny that I still own some of those..). However, during this year I became this old-school hippy girl I have always wished to be but never dared. And this saved quite a lot of space in my closet!
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This means all four closets in my childhood bedroom
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Note added by MJA. 4 years ago
3-5-12 - Made outrageous progress today, getting rid of well over 75 items. More work will need to be done, though, to go to a more organized closet.
8-30-14 - Closet organizers installed, many clothes donated, looks great!
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Note added by Onnameaga Daniel. 4 years ago
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Note added by Onnameaga Daniel. 4 years ago
did that before the baby
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Note added by Emerson. 5 years ago
Another one I am marking done because I did the work, even though it does not show because of the move. I just need to make sure to do a final pass through my clothes when I finally get around to putting them away!
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Note added by Tabetha Maly. 5 years ago
Now that my prom dresses are gone, this is all finished!
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Note added by Michelle Visser. 5 years ago
Alles uit de kast - Check!
Uitzoeken bewaren of weg -
Netjes terug in de kast -
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Note added by Dornbusch Hexe. 5 years ago
2014-02-12: In der letzten Woche hat K. mir große Kästen gekauft, in denen jetzt sowohl Haushaltswäsche als auch meine Shirts, Tücher, Nachtwäsche etc. fein säuberlich beschriftet untergebracht sind. Was für ein Unterschied, wenn plötzlich alles auch an dem zugewiesenen Platz bleibt und nicht mehr durch die Gegend fliegt. Alles, was nicht in den Kästen unterzubringen war, flog weg. Jetzt muss ich nur noch die Hängegarderobe und die Bettwäsche durchgehen.
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Note added by Othilia. 5 years ago
I've made a bag full of old clothes, some are sold, some are going to church next time they came an ask for it.
So i decided it done now
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I actually do this quite regularly without realising. I recently turned my office into a dressing room so had a clear out of clothes, shoes and accessories, plenty of space for new things now...
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Note added by Yolanda Ronaldo. 5 years ago
September 1 2013
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Note added by Carolin . 5 years ago
1st - Fall Cleaning (September, 1 2013)
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Photo added by Othilia. 5 years ago
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Note added by Trish. 5 years ago
Partially done 7/28
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Note added by Victoria Wilson. 5 years ago
3rd July 2013: Threw out so many tshirts and underwear!
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Note added by Sharon White. 5 years ago
Tuesday 25th June 2013 - sorted all clothes.
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Note added by Anna the Owl. 6 years ago
Completed! I got rid of tons of things (so it's time for some selling/giving away projects, huh?) and now my closet looks so much better. And suddenly choosing an outfit in the morning has become so easy ; )
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Note added by Anna Corlew. 6 years ago
Reversed all the hangers in my closet. Working on the hung clothing first.
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Note added by Amanda D. 6 years ago
3/21/13-Last week cleaned everything out except for what I use on a daily basis.
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Note added by Nobody. 6 years ago
Yea.. I had to remove some clothes and upgrade my gear..
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Note added by Alexis Guerrero. 6 years ago
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Note added by Amber Dehart. 6 years ago
Even if I now have three, yes, three totes of shoes, my closet is clean, organized and sooo pretty.
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Photo added by Thisca. 6 years ago
The closet is almost empty (bottom two shelves are empty boxes), so I'm really proud of myself!
(These are all my clothes)
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Note added by Elise Fr. 6 years ago
Done in my hometown's closet, should be done soon in my apartment's one =)
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Note added by Harriet Servinis. 7 years ago
cleanin out my closet' ha
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Note added by Felicia Oland. 7 years ago
This goal is very much in progress. Mailed a bunch of clothes and shoes to my family in Romania.