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Note added by Kelly Turkevich. 5 years ago
1. 12 things to do without electricity
2. A weird day in your workplace
3. My go-to place
4. The story of my life has been written- write the blurb for it. (What's on the back cover.)
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Note added by Crystal. 7 years ago
186 - freewrite for 5 minutes using the opening line: behind her the noise escalated...

behind her the noise escalated she knew her man's obsession with hockey she would be such a naughty girl to mess with him now, of course she was going to do it. she had been fantasizing about this all day while she was at work what she'd do when she had him alone and at her mercy. She didn't have anything super sexy on but she knew he wouldn't care. She smiled to herself as she walked into the living room where her man was sitting on the couch cursing the Maple Leaves. She said in a soft voice " Do you know those images of Adam and Eve you know where leaves cover their"
Her husband's concentration moved from the tv to her and she smiled the smile he's seen a hundred times before. He knew what she was after and he replied "well what about it?"
she said "Are you using the right mind"

(wow 5 minutes goes by too fast, the story was going to get good too. )


243 write a fictional news story based on the headline:
Elvis clones are taking over the world

It was kept a huge secret this whole time but after Elvis died, they kept tissue from his body to possibly clone one day when the science advanced enough. Little did we know that the science of cloning is more advanced than we're let on about. Elvis clones were being made right and left. Society treated them like some kind of Frankenstein. They were made out to be less than human. They didn't have the same rights either, goodness knows they were just experiments and they didn't really have much say in the matter. Once humans got the hang of the new technology, they started cloning Elvis like they would a car in an assembly line. I think something went wrong in the cloning process because they cannot replicate the personality of Elvis. Personalities are too complex. They may have clones but some are more prone to revolting than others. All it took was for them to find out how they came to be and who Elvis was and what he did to himself to lead the Elvis clones into a rage. They did not agree with the fact that they were made from some dead celebrity who killed himself. They refused to be cowards like the person they were cloned from. They decided that this must be done away with. They couldn't figure out why people adored someone who was obviously so troubled. They figured it was them against the world. The clones vs humans. In their minds they weren't treated the same way, just because they weren't conceived like a normal human being doesn't mean that they don't have thoughts and feelings too. They felt like they had less rights than humans. They couldn't help the fact that they were clones. They wanted rights, they felt as though they were treated unfairly. They did some studying and figured out that to get humans to take notice of them they had to act like a human would. They decided that they needed to take over the world. No longer were they going to be forced to learn to sing and dance like Elvis. They wanted their own style. They grew to despise Elvis and harbored resentment towards their creators. They are going to get even if it's the last thing they do.

(disclaimer: how do we know that this isn't happening in some form? are Elvis clones conspiracy theorists? o.O) I really don't like the idea of cloning or suicide, I think it kind of shows.. I also have some other hidden parallels too but I won't state what they are.

I'm not done with this article yet..

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Note added by Caitlin Muse. 7 years ago
2 down (w/Jim)
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Note added by Jessica. 8 years ago
Minimum 3 paragraphs
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Note added by Laura . 8 years ago
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Note added by Sarah Gabriela. 9 years ago
1. "Write a letter to a teacher who gave you a hard time in grade school or high school." 2. "Imagine your life is now a book. In 100 words, write the blurb for it."