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Expand my Gaelic vocabulary by 100 words
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Note Added
Note added by wendy . 7 months ago
Most of my language acquisitions over the last few months have been more turns of phrase or colloquial sayings rather than new vocabulary. However, I did fill an embarassing gap in my vocabulary - Tha an t-acras orm - I'm hungry.
Note Added
Note added by wendy . 1 years ago
I haven't been doing a lot of work on my Gaelic recently - as I was on holiday so focused on learning useful vocabulary in Latvian and Finnish for that! - but I have acquired a few new words.

an cianalas - homesick
(Also Bha an cianalas orm/Chan robh an cianalas orm/An robh an cianalas ort? I was/wasn't/Were you homesick?)
banachdach - vaccination
biadh sraide - street food
ag obair thall-tharis - working abroad
ag obair gu saor-thoilich - voluntary work
bliadhna a-mach - gap year (lit. year out)

Also last week I learned a new colloquialism and I've been endeavouring to use it as it's been an apt expression this week. Tha mo cheann na bhrochan - My head is porridge.
Note Added
Note added by wendy . 1 years ago
This month I've been doing a new unit in memrise. It says I've learned 31 words, in terms of words I can recall cold and use in general conversation (I recognised ailtire in the wild at work yesterday) the number is closer to 11.

amar - bath
fras - shower
deuchainn (pl. deuchainnean) - test, trial
ailtire - architect
ailtireachd - architecture
feamainn - seaweed
eacarsaich - exercise
tuarastal - wages, payment
riatanach - compulsary
leithid - the likes, kind, equal of
uiread - many, quantity
Note Added
Note added by wendy . 2 years ago
Over the election campaign I was having a 'word of the week' challenge with my colleagues where I would hunt out words in news pieces that I didn't know and try to absorb them into my vocabulary. The ones that stuck were:

flinne - sleet
creachan - cockles
cuach - cup (in the sense of a sports trophy)
riaslach - mangled/tangled
faireachdainn - feeling
caora - sheep (technically I learned this years ago but it wouldn't stick, I think its stuck now)
broc - badger
Note Added
Note added by wendy . 2 years ago
The app on my phone reckons I've learned about 40 words in the last week. I tested myself (pen and paper, just writing down all the new words I could remember) and its more like 20 new words. I've only used one new word in an actual conversation so far (a' dortadh - spilling) after I spilled my tea on myself as I came through the door, one of my colleagues heard me exclaim and asked if I was alright, so I told her I'd spilled tea on my jumper. She laughed at me, but didn't correct my Gaelic so - victory!