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Don't eat chocolate for a week
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love it!
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Note Added
Note added by Abegael Tomlin. 21 days ago
Being in Costa Rica for 2 weeks, living on a shack on the beach. Was not much option for chocolate!
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Wow I can't even believe that happened! But I've been away at a friend's place for a couple of days, and haven't think about it since I got back! Made it!
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Note added by Cassie Morgan. 3 years ago
I have signed up for the BHF #Dechox 2016 - no chocolate for all of March 2016!
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Note added by melissa wise. 4 years ago
This one was actually really easy, as had a tummy bug, so couldn't eat properly for over a week! Not sure if that counts as cheating or not ;-) in my defense, I've not had any chocolate cravings for ages now, so hopefully chocolate will become an occasional treat from now on!
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Note added by Melvin Marsh. 4 years ago
Not easy but made easier the fact this week included two fast days!
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Note added by Victoria Wilson. 6 years ago
8th November 2012: Going for an entire month!
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Note added by Adrienne Swall. 6 years ago
Started 6th November
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Note added by Anja. 7 years ago
Started 21.02.2012 - let's see if I really can do that! 24.02.2012 - 4th day today... 26.02.2012 - Day 6 and I'm still alive, one more to go! Survived!!!
Note Added
Note added by Melanie. 8 years ago
Day 1 - mon - no chocolate