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Note added by Allyson Twining. 4 months ago
I'm doing this this week.
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Note added by Susan. 6 months ago
Bullet Journal 2019, page 27.
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Note added by Tali V. 1 years ago

1. Cuddling with my pets.
2. Peppermint tea.
3. The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
4. Playing basketball with my brother.
5. Hearing new music that I really love.
6. Watching old black and white movies.
7. Cherry picking in the summer.
8. Using Instagram filters to take funny photos with my family.
9. Bookstores.
10. Movie trailers.
11. The Adams Family.
12. Melanie Martinez “Toxic” cover.
13. Aerial silks.
14. Quince tea.
15. Modesty Blaise comics.
16. Rhubarb cake.
17. Listening to Jazz in the bathtub.
18. Reading by a fire.
19. Adrenaline inducing circus sports.
20. Marvel movies.
21. Dancing by myself in my bedroom.
22. The feel of smooth, recently shaven legs.
23. Bill Burr.
24. Dance classes.
25. Hanging out with my brother.
26. Jimmy Carr.
27. Sour cherry and chocolate ice cream.
28. Talking about my fandoms.
29. My pets.
30. Painting a surrealist picture.
31. Putting together furniture.
32. Girls night out with S and J.
33. Lunch with my grandma.
34. Travelling to new places.
35. Great comedy TV shows i.e. the IT crowd or Lucifer.
36. Clean, scented hair.
37. The after effects of a honey and salt mask.
38. Chestnuts.
39. The Killers music.
40. Kittens and puppies.
41. Fun and weird conversations with strangers.
42. My grandads jokes.
43. Helping someone.
44. Blog post likes.
45. When my family open their Christmas presents.
46. White Night in Melbourne.
47. Liquorice tea.
48. Social media responses from some of my favourite authors.
49. First cup of coffee in the morning.
50. Fantasy literature.
51. Ebay bargains.
52. Matchbox 20 in concert.
53. Going to the cinemas alone.
54. Getting a parcel in the mail.
55. Display homes.
56. Cold Comfort Farm.
57. Iliza Shlesinger.
58. European hot chocolate.
59. The sound of thunder and sight of lightning.
60. Travelling to new places.
61. Youtubers.
62. Singing in the car.
63. Midnight pancakes.
64. Sunny weekends.
65. French Martinis.
66. Going out dancing.
67. Playing pool or darts at a party.
68. When my dog gets a trick right.
69. Performing Shakespeare.
70. Horse riding.
71. Poetry.
72. Analysing a literary text.
73. Scented candles.
74. Astrology.
75. Bath bombs.
76. Lush body scrubs.
77. A clean and organised closet.
78. Fresh high thread count sheets.
79. The Hives music.
80. Bookbub.
81. When it snows.
82. Will and Grace.
83. Libraries.
84. Art Museums.
85. French music.
86. Musicals.
87. Chelsea Peretti.
88. Sleeping.
89. Fun family dinners.
90. Camila Cabelo music.
91. Walking around the city in the evening.
92. Amusement park rides.
93. Graffiti.
94. Christmas.
95. Train rides into the city.
96. Roald Dahl stories.
97. Picnics.
98. 21 Pilots concert.
99. Hearing about new inventions that will positively impact.
100. Snorkelling.
101. Audio books.
Note Added
Note added by Amy F. 4 years ago
1.Andrew and my family
2.My friends
3.My dog, Roxy
4.Other fluffy little dogs
6.Relaxing at the beach
7.Swimming in the ocean
8.Reading a good book
11.Eating a delicious meal made by my Dad or Andrew
12.Eating Lobster or crab legs
13.Doing yoga
14.Feeling good after a workout
15.Going to Disney World
16.Going on one of my favorite Disney rides (Splash Mountain, Philharmagic, Soarin, etc.)
17.Staying in a hotel
18.Eating outside on a nice day
19.Drinking Tazo Tea
20.Getting a good night's sleep
21.Making a scrapbook
22.Staying in my PJ's all day
23.Cuddles and hugs
24.Tropical flowers
25.Bright colored clothes
26.Watching a funny movie
27.Talking on the phone with loved ones
28.The smell of vanilla
29.Going to a party and seeing lots of people I know
30.Boat rides
31.Looking at old pictures
32.Watching an episode of a favorite comedy (The Office, Happy Endings, It's Always Sunny, Arrested Development)
33.Movies from my childhood
34.Disney area music
35.Florida Tech
36.Eating a healthy meal
37.Pictures of cute animals
38.Accomplishing things at work
39.Going to an outlet mall
40.Hearing a favorite song on the radio
41.Andrew sending me sweet texts, just because
42.Reading a positive article online
43.Ice cream with sprinkles
44.A refreshing margarita
45.Binge watching a suspenseful show
46.Relaxing baths
47.Baseball games
48.Packing a picnic lunch for the beach
49.Going to a concert and knowing all the songs
50.Sushi with lots of tuna
51.Clothes with nautical prints/designs
52.Playing with toddlers
53.Apple picking
54.Walking around a city
55.Fancy malls
56.New flip flops
57.Water parks, especially typhoon lagoon
58.Feeling inspired
59.Jelly Belly Jelly Beans
61.Ocean Breezes
62.Fluffy Pillows
63.Getting a new magazine in the mail
64.The smell of Coppertone sunscreen (but not putting it on)
65.Catching up with an old friend
66.Family game nights
67.Dressy dates with Andrew
68.Finding a good Spotify playlist
69.Kenney Chesney songs
70.Free Ghirardelli Squares
71.Basin salt scrub
72.Going to the beach or Disney with my family
73.Seeing a dolphin or a turtle
74.Seeing a rocket launch
75.Scuba diving
76.Wearing Andrew's t-shirts and sweaters
77.Wine nights with Nancy
78.Family parties
80.Not Your Average Joe's Restaurant
82.Bike rides
83.The 4th of July
84.Easter Candy (Mini Eggs!)
85.Sunny days
86.Going on vacation
87.Shopping with my mom
88.Giving a great present
90.Waking up early and having a full day
91.Lunch dates
92.White wine
93.Orlando Airport
94.Valentine's Day
95.Shades of blue
97.Laughing with loved ones
98.Nice sunglasses
99.Stand up paddle boarding
100.Golf (including mini golf)
101.Being able to go to the beach anytime of year
Note Added
Note added by Larissa Rowe. 5 years ago
Note Added
Note added by Inger . 6 years ago
2. Baking pie
3. Completing a task on my Day Zero list
4. Cooking with friends
5. Giving a presentation
6. Eating chocolate fudge cake
7. Drinking sambuca
8. Waking up before my alarm rings
9. Watching the sun rise
10. Watching the sun set
11. Doing voluntary work
12. Finishing reading a well written book
13. Hearing an inspiring quote
14. Hugging a friend
15. The first sip of a freshly made cup of coffee
16. Walking into Starbucks
17. Hearing a song I like on a television show
18. Visiting a Milow concert
19. Going on holiday
20. Browsing through my old photo albums
21. Writing SPSS-syntax (I know I'm a bit weird)
22. Singing
23. Rowing on perfectly flat water
24. Donating money to charity
25. Donating time and effort to charity
26. Laughing
27. Playing a board game
28. Finishing a paper well before the deadline
29. Posting goofy comments on facebook
30. Feeling the sun on your skin
31. Waking up very early to make breakfast for 150 people
32. Hearing the newest quote said by my 4-year old niece
33. Finding a mistake
34. Sorting all my books alphabettically
35. Watch snowflakes fall down
36. Seeing my parents' house after I have been away for a long time
37. Hearing a song I really liked, but I almost forgot
38. Winning a rowing regatta
39. Making music
40. Noticing that my friends have not forgotten me, even though I'm far away
41. Making typos on a azerty-keyboard and again making them when I switch back to qwerty
42. Hearing the weird conversations of my new collegues
43. Closing my eyes when I'm tired
44. Kissing
45. Walking down memory lane
46. Finding answers to questions
47. Pictures of my friends
48. A good storm
49. Being a witness of an important moment of somebody I love
50. Seeing my entire family dancing (and noticing where my (lack of) moves stems from)
51. Noticing how many things make me happy
52. Surprise someone (in a good way)
53. Seeing a butterfly in the city center
54. Watching a new episode of one of my favorite series
55. Knowledge
56. Hearing tourists speak to each other without them knowing that I can understand what they say, because I have mastered their language
57. Watching beautiful art
58. Showing my family my new home
59. Finding something unexpected
60. Seeing love
61. Hearing way too wise comments from my 8 year old niece
62. Accepting reality
63. Dreaming
64. Eating pepernoten
65. The first sip of coffee
66. Knitting my own scarf
67. Looking forward to the Top 2000
68. Listening to the Top 2000
69. A hug from my little sister
70. My mum bringing me a goodnight kiss just like when I were young
71. The look in my father's eyes when our humor meets
72. Sarcasm
73. Waking up and then realizing it is saturday and therefore going back to sleep again
74. Letting go of goals I actually do not want to reach anymore
75. Relaxing my shoulders
76. Satisfaction
77. Mathematics
78. Impressing someone else
79. Brainwaves/good ideas
80. Finishing this list
81. Finding inspiration
82. Coming home
83. Realizing I have got three hometowns now
84. Looking forward to the fourth
85. Finding out one of my highschool friends is pregnant
86. Realizing I want kids some day
87. Realizing that some day is not right now
88. Baking oliebollen
89. Hearing a song I almost forgot
90. Missing home
91. Making my own decisions
92. Decorating/choosing furniture
93. Being able to help a friend
94. Lazy saturdays
95. Diversity
96. The thrill of designing a new undergrad course
97. The first frost in the fall
98. The smell of paper
99. Strawberries
100. Visiting a library
101. Thinking about happy things
Note Added
Note added by Elsbeth. 6 years ago
1. Friends
2. A warm room while it's cold outside
3. Good grades
4. The moment when everything is finished and I can relax
5. Eating chocolate
6. Lovely music
7. The colors of the leaves in autumn
8. A beautiful sky
9. My boyfriend
Note Added
Note added by Melanie Vollman. 7 years ago
got 44 listed so far
Note Added
Note added by Ann-Maree. 7 years ago
10 things - 10 January 2010
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Note added by Stephanie Pinch. 7 years ago
1. kairos time 2. Abigail 3. Madeleine 4. My family 5. The sense of community I feel at Church 6. A great glass of wine at the end of a long day 7. Enjoying a good book 8. A warm bath
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Note added by Kristin. 7 years ago
1 love 2 hubbie 3daughter 4 parents 5 niece 6nephew 7 friends 8 home 9 answers to health questions 10 car
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Note added by Katie Mackness. 8 years ago
1. Knowing that love exists 2. Realising that I have the power to change 3. My family 4. Learning 5. Playing guitar
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Note added by Larissa Rowe. 8 years ago
Save a list online or on my phone to refer to when sad and be thankful for when happy.
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Note added by Inger . 8 years ago
1. looking through this list
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Note added by Caileigh Grace. 8 years ago
now keep adding to it :]
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Note added by Jen Kelly. 9 years ago
1. leaf prints in cement sidewalk. 2. flavored almonds 3. Aidan when he laughs so hard he can't breathe 4. painting 5. pottery 6. plants 7. honeymoon beach STJ 8. Homemade root beer floats 9. Men in suits walking small dogs 10. writing letters to friends 11. ice cream 12. when people listen 13. dance parties with friends 14. working out 15. watching palm trees 16. sunshine 17. watching a campfire 18. breakfast 19. giving good gifts 20. books 21. being barefoot 22. swimming 23. coffee 24. sleeping in 25. singing 26.Clean sheets 27. cookies 28. Traveling 29. my fish, Go