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Take a road trip
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Oklahoma May 23rd 2018
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Note added by Rachel W. 3 years ago
Springfield, St. Louis, New Orleans, Memphis. Summer 2014.
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Note added by Apphia Barton. 4 years ago
30/3/2015 - Coast to coast drive!
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Note added by Molly St. Cyr. 4 years ago
Drove from Columbus, OH to Lafayette, IN to Memphis, TN to New Orleans, LA, to Biloxi, MS to Destin, FL, to Lafayette, IN to Columbus, OH. Went through 10 states in total.
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Note added by Marie Acree. 7 years ago
Took a road trip to Austin to see Troy and Jen
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Note added by Morgan Smith. 7 years ago
Drove down to C-Town to see Catch the Keys site-specific-theatre it up! And hit the town with Gaia! All in all, a truly epic couple of eves!
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Note added by Mozelle Moreno. 7 years ago
Road-tripped with my big to California!
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Note added by Ash. 7 years ago
Road tripped from Saskatoon to Vancouver and back again, with stops at Jasper and Mount Robson Provincial Park, BC.
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Note added by Ruth Phillips. 8 years ago
Went through North Wales, Shropshire and Cheshire
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Note added by Jasmine. 8 years ago
Went to Florence in Errico's 'cripple' bus. So much fun bar the freeeeeezing cold.
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Note added by Eryn K. 8 years ago
To D.C. to see the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear
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Note added by Stephanie Mello. 8 years ago
Laughlin Kayaking roadtrip with mom 08/25/10
Note Added
Took a road trip to Buffalo, NY