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Many countries have their own unusual traditions. In South Africa they enjoy deep-fried caterpillars, in Japan they eat KFC on Christmas Eve, and in Germany they hide a pickle in their Christmas tree.
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Note added by hazel. 1 years ago
UNO on a birthday!
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Note added by Miranda O. 1 years ago
12/24/18 Hang candy canes on the tree on Christmas Eve.
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Note added by Breanna. 1 years ago
Started the elf on the shelf with my kids
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Note added by Tammie. 1 years ago
For the month of November each of my family member write one thing they are thankful for and hang it up. They love doing it and insist on us doing it again next year.
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Note added by Donna . 1 years ago
Family camping trip - planned for end of July, 2018
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Note added by Jose Molestina. 2 years ago
Huevo frito con arroz en Diciembre 24 del almuerzo
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To see a vintage Christmas movie in the theater every year, especially Christmas Vacation. We started last year but this year we made it a tradition!
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Note added by Mandy. 4 years ago
Our new tradition is that we go to the Indianapolis Indians game and stay the night at a hotel on Labor Day weekend!
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Note added by Stephie . 4 years ago
Family night (Sundays)
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Note added by Rob. 4 years ago
Brunch Sundays!
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Note added by Karen Gillespie. 5 years ago
Rode the North Pole express with whole family
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Note added by dee. 5 years ago
holiday at grace's caravan every summer
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Note added by Maaike. 6 years ago
Did it twice already: baking little cakes and decorate them with my kids the day before Christmas. Will keep doing this!
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Note added by Amy Peterson. 6 years ago
Despite Steve having stomach flu and Jason unable to be there; we started the tradition of our James/Peterson Family Anniversary.

Dec 9, 2012 is the day that I met the James kids as Steve had met the Peterson kids on an earlier date. It was the last step to start out commitment to each other and became more than “dating”. Steve hosted a Bears vs Viking football party and invited some of his friends when I meet his kids. It snowed about a foot the night before and we nearly had to cancel; however, everyone braved the roads and showed up. I made Chili for the party and had been so nervous I barely left the couch. The Bears lost that day and I will never live that down.

For our first Family anniversary Steve and I went to church, we had chili for dinner and we went to the movies. We also had the thrill of freezing cold, bad roads and snow; which is part of the tradition I would not mind to do without. I made our first family album with highlights of our adventures that we can add on to every year.
Note Added
Note added by Amy Peterson. 6 years ago
Photo added by Amy Peterson. 6 years ago
Our Family anniversary is Dec 9th. Steve and I meet, became friends and had become a couple a bit before hand but the date that maters in our relationship is December 9th. The day that we started intertwining our families. Two households; 6

I want to make the Saturday closest to Dec 9th to be our family day; now and in the future, it will be our holiday.

The Photo is our first family dinner out... Jay had not been there and Steve is taking the photo; but it is still our first.
Photo added by Abel Zavala. 6 years ago
I've decided that every year we'll watch Elf while setting up the Christmas tree.
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Note added by Samantha Erb. 6 years ago
Note Added
Croissants mit aymara
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Note added by Toni Wittenberg. 7 years ago
Jaarlijkse kerstmarkt!
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Note added by Ruby Lin. 7 years ago
Pub Night Crawl with Anastasia
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Note added by Jonathan Brown. 7 years ago
Passing on Mikey to the youngest Brown - Becca (8/20/11)
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Note added by Rosa . 7 years ago
Must complete at least 3x
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Note added by Crystal Keller. 8 years ago
Year Book, Started Christmas 2011. Gave plain white photo albums to 4 particularly meaningful people to me, and challenged them to make one entry per day from Christmas 2011-2012...will share our years in book form, Christmas 2012. Also attempted Uncle Jon in progress, but ooozing with possibility! ;) "Final Fridays" Started November 2011. Open girls night...typically dinner time. Chance to get together with whomever can make it and catch up!
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Note added by jessica brannan. 8 years ago
elf on the shelf was a great hit this year. Next year will be even better when Logan really gets it.
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Note added by Alexis. 8 years ago
12/4/11 Winter Wonderland Tea Party
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Note added by Stephanie Pinch. 8 years ago
Cut down a Christmas tree with Abby, Mark and Misha!
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Note added by derek shaull. 8 years ago
Tattoo on right calf
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Note added by Cameron Swanson. 8 years ago
Game Day Breakfasts
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Note added by Kelly S. Hartman. 8 years ago
Thanksgiving in the summers with my family
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Note added by tami kenna.. 8 years ago
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Note added by Lisa Gilbert. 8 years ago
Movie/game night as a family
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Note added by Melanie. 9 years ago
Completed as of August 14th 2010
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Note added by Michelle L. 9 years ago
Give a Christmas Tree and /or decorations as a wedding present