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Watch two movies at a cinema in the same day
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Forgot to log this. On the 9th Dec we went to see Die Hard and Die Hard 2 as a double bill at the cinema.
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Note added by Crazy Pixie. 1 years ago
13th October 2018 - Rakshsan (Tamil movie) and Andhadhun (Hindi movie)
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Note added by Amanda Allinson . 1 years ago
Venom & A Star is Born
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Note added by June. 2 years ago
I've done this twice with my sister (same cinema), and once with my cousin (2 different cinemas).
I love it. I've always loved going to the movies, and watching two films in the same day is an exciting experience. You spend hours laughing, crying, relating to characters, living their ups and downs with them, generally being entertained, and when you get out into the real world it feels like coming back from another world.
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Note added by Benni. 2 years ago
I watched Rogue One first thing in the morning, and then Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them an hour after Rogue One ended. I earned a free soda with a popcorn purchase by having my phone in CineMode during the first movie -- good timing since I saved my popcorn money for the second one!
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Note added by Denisa. 3 years ago
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Note added by Brittany. 3 years ago
Saw The Arrival and Dr. Strange with my dearest friend Dylan. We had a good day together, full of laughs and hilarious moments.
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Note added by Elisha Ransom. 3 years ago
Star Trek Beyond and Jason Bourne. Star Trek was great but Jason Bourne was not great.
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Note added by William. 3 years ago
Nerve and Suicide Squad. Nerve was decidedly better.
Note Added
Watched 'The Walk' and 'Bridge of Spies' on Oct 27th evening (Same theatre - Escape Cinemas, same screen - Frame, same seat)
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Note added by Ingo Willems. 4 years ago
I went to watch Ted II and Everest with my girlfriend Ruth
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Note added by Sarah.. 4 years ago
Spy en Inside Out in Maasmechelen.
Note Added
Watched Margarita with a Straw and Uttama Villain back to back on the same day - both at Studio 5, same seat at Satyam Cinemas, Chennai, India. Yay!
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Note added by Jiaxin Lee. 5 years ago
GSC @ Pavilion with Yan Zhuang
Big Hero 6
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1
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Note added by Elise Fr. 5 years ago
Wish you were here and Lucy on Sunday August 17th
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Note added by Sonia Angie. 5 years ago
Did this on Sept. 26th, 2011... Went to see Horrible Bosses and Fright Night the same evening thanks to "la Fiesta del Cine" in Spain. Can't wait to have more so I can do this again =)
Photo added by Sarah. 5 years ago
I saw Pompeii and then The Amazing Spider-Man 2 today!!
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Note added by Alison Thornton. 5 years ago
Photo added by Niki. 6 years ago
American Hustle, quick trip to McDonalds for tea and back for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. A Jennifer Lawrence fest!
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Note added by Nora Charles. 6 years ago
Le silence de Lorna
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Note added by Anoniem. 6 years ago
Smurfen 2 & The Heat
Note Added
Note added by Meghan. 6 years ago
2/2/2013 - Beasts of the Southern Wild and GroundHog Day Sunshine Cinema
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Note added by Petra Šárová. 6 years ago
The Last Stand + Gangster Squad
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Note added by Maya. 7 years ago
Woman In Black andd Chronicle 2 awesomee movies
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Note added by Stephanie Purdy. 7 years ago
1: Chernobyl Diaries
2: The Dictator
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Note added by Eric Aniag. 8 years ago
14 Jan 2012: Saw The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Contraband
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Note added by Lacy Wright. 8 years ago
Saw Sherlock Holmes & The Descendants
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Note added by Elle Swan. 8 years ago
November 15th 2011 - Twilight Night
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Note added by Arushi Gupta. 8 years ago
Puss in Boots Ra.One
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Note added by Matthew Davies. 8 years ago
saw Titin and Tinker Taylor on 26th
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Note added by Stephanie. 8 years ago
The Smurfs at 10:00am Fright Night at 9:00pm
Note Added
The Social Network and Let me In