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Get laser eye surgery
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Photo added by Adam Glinglin. 1 years ago
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Note added by Kelly Schienbein. 4 years ago
Completed on October 24, 2015 at Lasik MD in Edmonton. Its been 5 days and things are still a little blurry, but sooooooo much better than before!! wooo hooo
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Note added by Marisa Bettino. 5 years ago
Well! $4700 later I've crossed this goal off the list. The surgery was weird, the recovery was much more difficult than I thought it'd be and the end result was precisely as excellent as I'd hoped. I can see, you guys! My vision is allllmost perfect - in a couple months (as I continue to heal) it's entirely possible that I'll have 20/20 vision! A week of being high as a kite on painkillers and putting 4 different kinds of eyedrops in every 4 hours was worth it, after all. Saying goodbye to my -10 prescription is life changing. Onward!
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Note added by Marisa Bettino. 5 years ago
It's happening. It's happening! My surgery is scheduled for February 12th. Yeah!

I got my first pair of glasses when I was 6 and made the switch to contact lenses when I was 9. My prescription is -9.25 and without corrective lenses I'm pretty much helpless. A sitting duck. A duck dynasty.

I've been talking about having laser eye surgery done for years now and I'm excited to just dooooo it alreeeeady. The recovery process will be pretty terrible - 4 days in a dark room healing my delicious open eye wounds. No reading, no looking at a screen. NO JOY. As a human with a history of depression I'm pretty worried about that, to be honest, but I'll get through it with my soul in tact. I'll have to have a podcast/audiobook playlist that just never ends. Ever.

The total damage - $4700. It's certainly the most money I'll ever have spent at one time before but my quality of life is going to improve in a big way.

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Note added by Sarah. 7 years ago
Consultation in May make a further apt in August-Sept for Surgery
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Note added by Katie Bags. 8 years ago
Scheduled June 23rd!