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Learn how to say "I love you" in 5 different languages
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Note added by Denise Meister. 5 years ago
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Note added by Bee~. 5 years ago
Afrikaans: Ek is lief vir jou
Portuguese: Eu te amo
Bulgarian: Obicham te
Italian: Ti amo
Polish: Kocham cię
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Note added by Colleen Bain. 7 years ago
No cheating with google! It only counts if I've been to the country, or have made a serious attempt to learn the language- including French and Spanish classes in high school.
Je t'aime- French
Te quiero- Spanish
Ich liebe dich- German
Wǒ ài nǐ - Chinese
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Note added by Melanie Vollman. 7 years ago
I now know how to say it in 4 languages (English, French, Spanish, and Norwegian) need one more.
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Note added by Ashley Lussier. 7 years ago
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Note added by dannie sousa. 7 years ago
In portuguese - amo-te; in spanish - te amo; in german - ich liebe dich; in english - i love you; and italian - ti amo.
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Te Amo - Spanish Saranghaeyo- Korean Aishiteru- Japanese Chan rak khun- Thai Wo ai ni- Mandarin
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Note added by A Phair. 8 years ago
~ Eu amo voce ~ Je t'aime ~ Aloha wa ia oe ~ Ti amo con tutta l'anima ~ Dangshin uhl saranghabnida
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Note added by Jessica Graham. 8 years ago
I love you - English J t'aime - French Ti voglio bene - Italian Ich liebe dich - German
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Note added by Christal Joi. 8 years ago
sa-rang-hey-yo...korean (JR)
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Note added by Kelley Elliott. 8 years ago
1. Je t'aime (French) 2. Aishiteru (Japanese) 3. Ti amo (Italian) 4. Ich liebe dich (German) 5. Ta gra agam ort (Irish)
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Note added by Jenn Ross. 9 years ago
5/5 ~Linnon am meleth vin -'I sing for our love' Elvish ~ti amo - 'I love you' Italian ~aishiteiru - Japanese ~t'aimi - Occitan ~Tha gaol agam ort - Scots Gaelic
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Note added by Kristin Chow. 9 years ago
1. Te amo. 2. Je t'aime. 3. I love you. 4? 5?