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Note added by Jaden Raul. 2 years ago
Its a funny story, really. I was in In School Suspension and my principle decided that, since none of my teachers had given me any work before lunch, she should give me a book to read. It was about 150 pages. It was about an older man that changed the lives of everybody in a small town just by listening and making them really, truly, think. It was a really good book and I wish I could remember the title.
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Note added by samstoybox. 4 years ago
Started and finished Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut in a single day. Good book.
Photo added by .. 6 years ago
weeping walls
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Note added by .. 6 years ago
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Note added by Emma G. 6 years ago
The Gingerbread House by Nell Carson
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Read "The number I ladies detective agency" on the 12th August 2013
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Note added by Lynette Oh. 6 years ago
Fifty Shades of Grey
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Note added by Erika F. 6 years ago
started and finished Dash and Lily's book of dares today. 260 beautifully written pages from Mr. Levithan and Ms. Cohn. Very nice.
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Note added by Michelle Lee. 7 years ago
The Railway Children on 12.01.2013
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Note added by Maud. 7 years ago
Wanted, by Sara Shepard.
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Note added by a.c.. 7 years ago
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Note added by M.. 8 years ago
Jeff Ashton - Imperfect Justice
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Note added by Burr It. 8 years ago
Lets do this AGAIN
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Note added by Sue H. 8 years ago
8th October 2011 A Rare Benedictine by Ellis Peters