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Complete a 30 Day Yoga Challenge
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Completing your own 30 day yoga challenge will require discipline, commitment, focus, and sacrifice. It won’t guarantee that you have a yoga habit for life – you can fall out of good habits just as easily as you fall into bad ones – but it will be a step in the right direction.

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Note Added
Note added by Shona C. yesterday
Day 1: Ease into it
Day 2: Stretch and soothe
Day 3: Forget what you know
Day 4: Yoga for your back
Day 5: Feel alive flow
Day 6: Six pack abs
Day 7: Total body yoga
Day 8: Yoga for healing and meditation
Day 9: Full potential detox practice
Day 10: Sun salutation practice
Day 11: Shakti yoga practice
Day 12: Yoga for spinal health
Day 13: Endurance and ease
Day 14: Mindful hatha yoga practice
Day 15: Half hour half moon practice
Day 16: Easy breezy beautiful yoga
Day 17: Happiness boost yoga
Day 18: Wonder yoga
Day 19: Breath and body practice
Day 20: Heart practice
Note Added
Note added by Shona C. 19 days ago
Planning to complete Yoga with Adriene's '30 Days of Yoga' playlist.
Note Added
Note added by LadyBug. 4 months ago
Finished 2nd yoga challenge today: 30 days yoga challenge with Adriene DEDICATE
Tomorrow starting a new one
Note Added
Note added by LadyBug. 5 months ago
I am so happy, not only I feel great (physically and emotionally) but I feel accomplished. I finished something without losing interest half-way.

But I am not stopping there! Adriene (Yoga with Adriene on Youtube) has some more challenges Here I come. I aspire to do yoga everyday until it becomes a habit, a healthy and happy part of my life.
First deadline is the end of 2019. Let's how I am gonna change.
Note Added
Note added by LadyBug. 7 months ago
Yoga with Adriene
30 days challenge (4/30)
4 days in!
Note Added
Note added by Anne . 1 years ago
Tue Nov 6 - start
Dec 6 - finish
Note Added
Note added by Rachel MacRae. 2 years ago
Started 1st Jan 2018 - 9 days in
Note Added
Note added by Cost Grant. 2 years ago
Started May 13, 2017
Note Added
Note added by Alexa Dacre. 3 years ago
Had to restart due to illness. 30 Days would be 21 November. Let's hope.
Note Added
Note added by Tara Riemer . 4 years ago
Did yoga for more than 30 days straight! Dec 15 - Jan 15.
Note Added
Note added by Peggy Harris. 4 years ago
6/29/15---Day 1
Note Added
Note added by Alexandra Mould. 4 years ago
10 days to go!
Note Added
Note added by Alexandra Mould. 4 years ago
Started 23rd of March 2015.
Note Added
Note added by Sophie Jeffs. 5 years ago
Day 1- completed 3/11/14
Day 2- completed 4/11/14
Day 3- completed 5/11/14
Day 4- completed 6/11/14
Day 5- completed 7/11/14
Day 6- completed 8/11/14
Day 7- completed 9/11/14
Day 8- completed 10/11/14
Day 9- completed 11/11/14
Day 10- completed 12/11/14
Day 11- completed 13/11/14
Day 12- completed 14/11/14
Day 13- completed 15/11/14
Day 14- completed 16/11/14
Day 15- completed 17/11/14
Day 16- completed 18/11/14
Day 17- completed 19/11/14
Day 18- completed 20/11/14
Day 19- completed 21/11/14
Day 20- completed 22/11/14
Day 21- completed 23/11/14
Day 22- completed 24/11/14
Day 23- completed 25/11/14
Day 24- completed 26/11/14
Day 25- completed 27/11/14
*Break as no internet*
Day 26- completed 1/12/14
Day 27- completed 2/12/14
Day 28- completed 3/12/14
Day 29- completed 4/12/14
Day 30- completed 5/12/14

Note Added
Note added by Dee Michael. 5 years ago
Began DoYouYoga Challenge by Erin Motz on 4/17/2014.
Note Added
Note added by Katie E. 6 years ago
Day 9!
Note Added
Note added by Colleen. 6 years ago
January 2014
Note Added
Note added by maria. 6 years ago
4 Dec, 2013 - 2 Jan, 2014
Note Added
Note added by Colleen. 6 years ago
8/12/14 - 9/10/14
Note Added
Note added by Evee Sweet. 7 years ago