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Note Added
Note added by Aden Lynch. about a month ago
1. My cat, Song
2. My family
3. My friends
4. Sunshine
5. Oceans, lakes, rivers, pools, bathtubs... Doesn't matter. Water.
6. Freshly cut grass
7. Sunglasses
8. Roasting 'mallows on the fire
9. Driving with the windows down.
10. AUTUMN - leaves, crisp air, Halloween, scarves, mittens
11. Cosy sweaters
12. Early morning bird songs
13. Stationary
14. Lists -and checking things off of them-
15. Rising with the sun
16. Vacation plans
17. Farmer's markets
18. Exploring new places.
19. Holidays
20. Music
21. Hiking
22 Reading a good book
23. The success of my friends
24. Podcasts
25. Acts of random kindness
26. Lemons
27. Looking at old photos
28. Time to myself
29. A fresh coat of snow
30. Rainbows!
31. Seeing an old couple holding hands
32. Unexpected compliments
33 Making someone else happy
34. Learning new things
35. Playing piano
36. Feeling like I accomplished something
37. Feeling inspired
38. New stamps in my passport
39. Listening to a great speaker
40. When I write something and it comes out on paper how it sounded in my head
41. My tech.
42. Deep, engaging conversations
43. Talking with a person I admire
44. Teaching
45. Learning about the people in my life
46. Talent or skill of others, watching people do something they're good at
47. The stars on a clear night
48. Healthy food that tastes good
49. Living in the countryside
50. Thunderstorms
Note Added
Note added by Anna Beck. 3 years ago
1. Waking up rested.
2. The sun shining.
3. The snow that will help everything bloom and grow.
4. The smiling faces I see at work.
5. Early morning coffee.
6. The music we play at work.
7. Spring flowers that are starting to bloom.
8. Making art every day.
9. Being up early enough to watch the sunrise.
10. Walking to work a new way.
11. Finding art in random places.
12. Fresh, raw pecans as a snack.
13. Talking to my family.
14. Getting to go to two festivals and one big show this year (EDC, Dancefestopia, and Decadence).
15. Waking up early by choice.
16. Not getting sick when everyone else is.
17. Lemon water.
18. Working in Coffee Bar with Alex.
19. Hot tea at work.
20. Turning heads at work.
21. Being the first one awake.
22. Going to bed before midnight.
23. Orange juice.
24. Being caffeine free (except tea) all day.
25. Wonderful interactions with customers.
26. All the beautiful flowers at work.
27. Binge watching Adventure Time.
28. Binge watching Supernatural.
29. Having my hair really short finally.
30. Tropical sunset smoothies at work.
31. Payday
32. Samples at work.
33. Finally sleeping in a bed again.
34. Kombucha.
35. Wings from the hot bar.
36. Getting a good night's sleep.
37. Meditation.
38. Crystal cleansing.
39. Getting rides to work.
40. Portalling.
41. Having excess energy.
42. Avocados for lunch.
43. Chatting with Patrick.
44. Michael Jackson being played at work.
45. My lavender lotion.
46. Lavender in general.
47. Discovering new Miyazaki movies.
48. Cloudy mornings.
49. Meeting someone new and having an instant connection with them.
50. Getting out of Boulder for a day.
Note Added
Note added by Molly St. Cyr. 5 years ago
Note Added
Note added by Mirella. 7 years ago
1. family
2. friends
3. him
4. loving being loved
5. listening to music
6. a hot shower
7. listening to the rain outside
8. a good conversation
9. being told that you're beautiful
10. waking up and realizing you still have a few hours left to sleep
11. watching the sunrise
12. knowing that somebody misses you
13. getting a hug
14. knowing you've done the right thing, no matter what other people think
15. laughing at yourself
16. the beach
17. making people smile
18. helping people
19. feeling peace with yourself
20. compliments
21. smiling for no reason
22. warm summer rain showers
23. chocolate
24. seeing fireworks
25. sharing a smile with a stranger
26. summer
27. finding money laying around
28. being healthy
29. brightening up someone's day
30. drinking orange juice
31. photographing
32. buying pretty underwear
33. watching stars
34. the smell after it rains
35. being able to call someone "mine"
36. donating money for a good cause
37. having a tidy bedroom
38. not having to worry about anything
39. having a great book to read
40. having hope
41. eating strawberries
42. the smell of freshly cut grass
43. the smell of cologne
44. getting tan
45. showing people that you are stronger than they think you are
46. feeling beautiful
47. realizing how lucky you are
48. getting a nice message
49. hearing a baby laugh
50. being alive
Note Added
Note added by Maia Koenig . 7 years ago
Movie popcorn, a good book you can't put down, a movie that draws you in, a friendship that lasts, seeing my family enjoy liife, when hubby shows he cares, when the kids say I love you, marshmellows, camp fire, jelly belly jellybeans, overseas travel, losing weight, buffy, flight of condors, Michael Jackson, making a difference in someone's life, eBay, logo quiz game, les miserables, old friendships, all the clothes washing done,
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Note added by Kelly Ngo. 7 years ago
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Note added by April Ryan . 8 years ago
I am starting this list tonight.
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Note added by Duarte Correia. 8 years ago
Done! Boy...that was easier than I thought it'd be.
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Note added by meyke. 8 years ago