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Note added by Nini. 7 days ago
I cannot put this goal into in progress yet. It's running in the background, in the back of my head, until something clicks and I can bring it into the foreground.

I catch myself more and more often thinking about how what I'm doing at the moment can contribute to my finding the idea of a business. For example, this weekend I went to see my boyfriend (who is in a similar state of mind) and we were strolling down the beach then started noticing that we are both in a state of mind where anything can be an input to help find an idea for business.
Photo added by Maggie . about a month ago
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Note added by Monika. 8 months ago
1. 03.2012 - now
2. 04.2014 - now
3. 2018 - create another source of income (passive income)/start my new business

Update: I'm currently working on a new project. I hope the new product will be on the market in the next 3-4months. I still need to learn more about Internet Marketing and Photography.
+ create new accounts
+ hire an experienced product photographer (?)
Note Added
Note added by Tia Robertson. 11 months ago
I created my own lifestyle blog! A Bowl Full of Cherries is going to be all about family, food, finances, and how we have fun. Recipes, advice, reviews, lists of all kinds, and more.
Photo added by Vanessa Freitas. 1 years ago
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Note added by MaryAnn T. 2 years ago
I had my own business from 2000-2002. It was a genealogical research, notary public, and real estate signing agent business. I LOVED being my own boss !
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Note added by Carine. 2 years ago
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Note added by Carine. 2 years ago
some kind of platform?
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Note added by buttercup. 3 years ago
Possible Georgia food truck?
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Note added by hassan azzan. 3 years ago
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Note added by Evelijn. 4 years ago
I did it! I started my own business in brand design en website design!
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Photo added by Ross Davies. 5 years ago
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Note added by Kerri Waller. 5 years ago
Mint Forever
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Note added by Daniel DeZago. 6 years ago
I am tired of working for someone else. The only true way to be financially secure is not depend on a single entity for your income.
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Note added by Alroye Wiesell. 7 years ago
Wiesell Design
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Note added by Jill Hayden. 8 years ago
May 2011 - started "The Dog Ate it Cafe" - it is a dog treat/food business...go is to have it fully functional in 5 years.