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Note Added
Note added by Chickpea. 7 months ago
1. Shilly-shally
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Note added by Francesca Bhutta. 4 years ago
1. Abscission - the shredding of a various parts, often used for plants e.g. seeds or leaves
2. Biennial - an event lasting 2 years, or every 2nd year
3. Cabal - (to be tested in a week)
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Note added by Joy Phillips. 7 years ago
1)Formication - not to be confused with Fornication, the sensation that insects are crawling on or under your skin, apparently.
2)16/09/2010 breviloquent - to speak concisely or briefly
3)22/09/2010 Unctuous, smarmy, oily apparently excessive piousness too
4)24/09/2010 Shemozzle, a noisy confusion or dispute, muddle, uproar.
5)28/09/2010 Quadromane, to have four arms.
6)06/10/2010 Knicknackory, to collect knicknacks.
7)14/10/2010 flyting

1. a dispute or exchange of personal abuse in verse form
2. a formalized exchange of taunts, insults, etc., as between warriors in Old English epics
8) Griffonage, illegible or careless handwriting. EG Utter GRiffonage
9) Acronycal – Occuring at sunset
10) Exfluncticate – to utterly destroy.
11) 05/11/2010 - hypersnickety Excessively particular
12) Hegemony
13) sarchasm
14) Eyas - a baby Falcon
15) verisimilitude - The appearance of being true or real
Note Added
Note added by Trisha Newman. 7 years ago
Checked out to learn new words.
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Note added by -Ophelia-. 7 years ago
2. Tarreren - het bepalen van het tarra gewicht.
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Note added by Wendy Holcombe. 7 years ago
have about 15 words in list so far
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Note added by -Ophelia-. 7 years ago
1. Hagiografie - heiligenleer - beschrijving van het leven van een heilige
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Note added by Wendy Holcombe. 8 years ago
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Note added by kristi larson. 8 years ago
~Mirth - amusement or laughter ~Quixotic - resembling or befitting Don Quixote in being extravagantly chivalrous or romantic; impractical ~misanthrope - a person who dislikes or hates human kind and avoids human society. ~adroit - expert or nimble in the use of hands or body ~Salacious - lustful; pornographic (courtesy of Jann Garofano) ~truculent - fierce; cruel; savagely brutal; brutally harsh; scathing (from Ian Combs) ~perspicacious - having keen mental perception and understanding; perceptive
Note Added
Note added by stephanie s. 8 years ago
(4/50) poniard = dagger malversation = corruption malaise = weary uneasiness dereliction = negligence