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Sing in front of a crowd
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I sang karaoke at my Safe Grad, and that was kinda fun
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Note added by Julia Betts. 7 years ago
4th of July CPT show. Sang "Imagine" by John Lennon. Sang in the wrong key but it was acapella so it was fine. Fireworks with Lee afterward
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Note added by Joelle Johnson. 7 years ago
Sang "The Lighthouse" at my father's funeral. Not the way I wanted it done, but it was a crowd, and I did sing.
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Note added by Jason Tomlinson. 7 years ago
Sang Karaoke at The Cooler on my Cousin's 21st B-day
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Note added by Rachel Leung. 7 years ago
When I was in grade 6, the hit Camp Rock musical came out on the Disney channel. I was so intrigued by all the songs, the dances, and the plot of a normal girl fulfilling her dream of becoming a rock star that it became my inspiration. After that, I watched every episode of it that showed on T.V., multiple times online, and even sang along with the karaoke versions on the new DVD that I got (the first DVD that I ever owned). When the time of our school talent show came around, Sally, Rachel Luu, Jane, Sammi, and Peiyi were all planning on a group act, to which I saw as the perfect opportunity to come out with my “inner rock-star” (I know – extremely cheesy and played out, but that’s the truth). Sammi dropped out shortly after to go on her trip to China, so it was just the 5 of us. In the end, we chose to perform Never Had a Dream Come True by S-club Seven, where Jane, Rachel and I took to the singing, where Peiyi played along on her violin, and Sally accompanied on piano. It was the most incredible and thrilling experience ever. I’d never imagine that I’d have the nerve to get up in front of the entire school and sing out like all those stars on television. After that, I continued to participate in school talent shows, idols, and other competitions. So here’s another cheesy expression for you: it changed my life. And honestly, it really did.
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Note added by Alyssa Koser. 8 years ago
karaoke night with Laura and Ashley
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Note added by James Tombado. 8 years ago
Sang "Hate How Much I Love You" and "Telephone" with Miccah at Cafe Alfonso on 03/16/11