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Such a beautiful quote ..
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Never underestimate yourself ..

Me yesterday when getting ready to meet colleagues for a social game of ping pong feeling like shit under the influence of this cold I am trying not to think about ..

When I haven't followed my instincts, I usually end up wishing I had ..


Balance the influences in life ..


Sometimes it is better to bide one's time ..

Love this simple truth ..


Having only completed 12 things on my day zero list over the last year, I'm not adding anything new so I can focus on what I've not yet started ..

New Years Day: A perfect time to look through my day zero list to refresh, refocus and start planning one day at a time ..

Today I met up with a friend .. she is one of the nicest people I know and out of all the people I know has the most calming influential presence to be around .. I told her this today over lunch and a glass of prosecco .. we were in agreement that although we only see each other two to three times a year living ten minutes apart there is no time lapse when we get together .. refreshing ..

For me each day, whatever the day, always begins with coffee in a specific mug specially saved and only used for that first coffee of the day ..


Tis the season ..

My plans for today changed but the day is not wasted when given time to recharge for what will be a busy week ahead ..

The power of the mind .. it can difficult to practise self love and be kind to oneself but you need to nurture yourself in order to nurture others ..

Its important to take some time for oneself even when surrounded by chaotic thoughts of all I've yet to do!

A good reminder to self after my son asked me to go Christmas shopping with him around Westfields today, one can get lost in that shopping centre and not find themselves for days ..

The value of a moment is priceless ..

Life can be busy with lots of distractions and thoughts which can take us away from the present moments yet living in the present is important for learning and personal growth ..

Smiling is Infectious!

Radiating sunbeams .. I like this thought.

Life always seems so much brighter when I feel the sun on my face.

We have a storm going on today by the name of Freya .. I haven't stepped outside the front door all day .. if there had been a glimpse of the sun I would definitely have looked for the double rainbow which always appears outside my kitchen window.

There is something magical about a starry sky, its always hard to see stars under the bright city lights but I always look for them and occasionally I am blessed.

Isn't it funny how easy it is to care for others and neglect ourselves.

Whether given or received its a heartwarming process.

Sometimes a kind word, a simple gesture such as a genuine hello, how you doing, a smile for a stranger, you just never know sometimes how a small act of kindness can brighten someone's day.

Just think, you can tip toe to the top of a mountain, imagine the view when you look back .. amazing.

Reminder to self: I struggle to let go of certain past events which have no place in my future!

I think its so important to appreciate what one has, it doesn't matter how small a part it plays in the bigger scheme of things .. what's gone is gone .. by appreciating what one has, there is always something to look forward too and that's important too ..

When my dad disappeared from my life during my early twenties I went through a period of emotional distress followed by acceptance before learning to let go .. I recently found out he had passed away a week after he died now I'm struggling to process my feelings, trying to find closure and hold onto the memories.

I spent a fair amount of minutes today organizing a folder on my desktop with different word documents for some of the things I am currently working on from my master list of 101 things ... hopefully this will save me from getting lost in my list and stop me getting distracted from the things I need to be focusing on .. I call that progress!

I believe this to be great motivational quote for someone who has perfected the art of procrastination .. namely me!

My dad pulling faces at me through the windscreen as he cleared the snow from the car I was sitting in as a little girl is a memory that has always stuck with me when I think about the snow .. I have few memories of my dad in those days so I'm glad to have this one.

I love it when it snows, everything looks pretty and bright on a beautiful landscape .. snow and kindness are special qualities in our world.

Inspired from thinking about my dayzero list .. the basics are all there to work upon, develop and so bring quality, whether that be working on myself, in the home, in my relationships or creatively, its about nurturing what is already there ..

Inspired from having a list of 101 things to add a little spice in my day to day ..