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A goal of AggieCowboy on their 101 Things in 1001 Days list with a status of In Progress.
07/17/17 If I'm following this book correctly, right about here is where the guys saw another Black Rider (or maybe the same one), but he ran away when the elves came through. Wish I could see them...alas they no longer reside in Middle Earth.
  Posted 2 years ago
Other notes for this Goal:
07/22/17 Ahhh...found a place to cross. South bank is wet and reedy...not fun walking in. Hopefully, I can find a dry spot to camp on.
07/21/17 Cutting southeast cross country to the Buckleberry Ferry. There's a stream here. Think it's the Stock-brook. Sides are really steep, maybe I'll be able to find a place to cross further on.
07/19/17 Found it!!!!! Making camp. Nice view across the river valley. You can see the lights of Woodhall below.
07/18/17 Woods are getting denser. Somewhere around here somewhere is where the guys turned off the path onto a "green ride" whatever that is. Hope I don't miss it.
07/15/17 Came to a fork in the road. Left goes to Stock, but right looks like a lovely walk through some ancient oaks.
07/12/17 The road has been fairly straight...er, straight to the river. Seeing some odd black hoofprints that seem to be burned into the ground. Remember something about Frodo and the guys running into a Black Rider around these parts.
07/09/17 Finally! Got to the top...and what a view!!!! Totally worth it. Can see all the way across Woody End to the river. At leas, it's downhill from here.
07/08/17 Lots of up and down, up and down. And just when I thought it would get better. A switchback back and forth up the hill. UGH!!!!!
07/07/17 Up and down, up and down. If I was going faster, I'd feel like a jumping rabbit.Good leg workout though.
07/03/17 Just strolled among the trees yesterday. Quite lovely and relaxing. Listening to the birds, smelling the flowers, eating delicious campfire meals. Should've probably ridden ponies like Mr. Frodo...oh, well. This steep hill would've been rough on 'em. Nice little stand of firs just over the top to camp in.
07/01/17 Came upon Stock Rd and followed it. There are some deep tracks here, but the tall trees are quite lovely.
06/30/17 Came across a lovely grove of birch trees. Whiled away the time enjoying nature. Ended up spending the night here...and eating several meals.
06/28/17 Whelp...The hills have hidden Hobbiton from view. But that's a good thing. On this journey, there's no looking back, only forward. Putting one foot in front of the other...until we stop for 2nd lunch and dinner and supper.....
06/27/17 Crossed the Brandywine and finally entering Tookland and the Green Hill Country. Had to stop and talk to everyone along the way...and, of course, sit down to a good meal! Can't make this journey on an empty stomach after all.
06/23/17 Hobbiton is behind me. If I take one more step, it'll be the farthest away from home I've ever been. Okay, not really...but I have taken my first steps on my way there and back again.