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A goal of Richard on their 101 Things in 1001 Days list with a status of Done.
‘Notes from a small Island.’ 24mm
‘Lost at sea-The Jon Ronson mysteries.’53mm
‘Stardust.’ 67mmu
‘I think, therefore I am-All the philosophy you need to know.’ 80mm
‘The hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy.’ 96mm
‘A spy among Friends: Kim Philby and the Great Betrayal.’129mm
‘The man without a face: The unlikely rise of Vladimir Putin.' 150mm
'Death comes for the Archbishop.' 167mm
'The heart is a lonely hunter.'189mm
'To kill a mockingbird.' 209mm
'Are you there God? It's me Margaret.' 220mm
'Fiesta: The sun also rises.' 235mm
'The big sleep.' 271mm
'The spy who came in from the cold.' 287mm
‘In Cold Blood’’ 307mm
'Under the net.' 326mm
'The bridge of San Louis Rey.' 334mm
'Rabbit Run.' 352mm
'A handful of dust.' 364mm
'Neuromancer,' 383mm
'The prime of Miss Jean Brodie.' 393mm
'Wide Sargasso Sea.' 404mm
‘Helter Skelter.' 441mm
'Revolution Road.' 461mm
'Light in August.' 484mm
'Their eyes were watching God.' 504mm
'One flew over the cuckoo's nest.' 523mm
'Catch 22.' 559mm
'White Teeth.' 594mm
'Atonement.' 621mm
'The day of the locust.' 636mm
‘The Temple of the Golden Pavillion.' 656mm
‘Brave New World.’ 673mm
‘Ubik.' 687mm
'American pastoral' 714mm
'I, Claudius.' 733mm
'The heart of the matter.' 751mm
'Crying of lot 49' 759mm
'The French Lieutenant's Woman.' 788mm
'Five on a Treasure Island.' 800mm
'Disgrace' 813mm
'What is a googlie?' 823mm
'Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha' 842mm
'Suite Francaise' 867mm
'Fahrenheit 451' 882mm
'The English Patient' 902mm
'Housekeeping.' 917mm
'The fault in our stars.' 937mm
'Shakespeare: The World as a Stage.' 953mm
'The Remains of the Day.' 970mm.
'All quiet on the Western Front.' 985 mm
'Into the Wild.' 999 mm
'A death in the family.' 1019mm
'Lucky Jim.' 1036mm
'Deliverance.' 1052mm
'The man who mistook his wife for a hat.' 1069mm
'So you've been publicly shamed.' 1095mm
'Appointment in Samarra.' 1113mm
'The Unbearable Lightness of Being.' 1133mm
'Icons of England.' 1160mm
'The wind in the willows.' 1169mm
'The Bell Jar.' 1185mm
'The time machine.' 1195mm
'Charlotte's Web.' 1212mm
'The World according to Garp' 1248mm
'Nausea.' 1264mm
'The Alchemist.' 1280mm
'Brideshead Revisited.' 1295mm
'Walking on Sunshine.' 1314mm
'Lolita.' 1329mm
'Lord of the flies.' 1345mm
'The Power and the Glory.' 1360mm
'White noise.' 1385mm
'Of mice and men.'1398mm
'The War of the Worlds.' 1409mm
'The old man and the sea.' 1416mm
'The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner.' 1429mm
'A clockwork orange.' 1449mm
'When the wind blows.' 1474mm
'Candide' 1487mm
'The hound of the baskervilles.' 1502mm
'Diary of a nobody.' 1515mm
'Depressive illness-the curse of the strong.' 1522mm
'Perfume the story of a murderer.' 1539mm
'Mrs Dalloway' 1553mm
'The day of the Triffids.' 1570mm
'The Prestige.' 1595mm
'Do androids dream of electric sheep?' 1612mm
'The adventures of Tom Sawyer.'1633mm
'The castle of Otranto.' 1646mm
'The Princess Bride.' 1668mm
'The Reader.' 1686mm
'Breakfast at Tiffany's.' 1697mm
'A month in the country.' 1705mm
'Just William.' 1721mm
'The darling buds of May.' 1729mm
'Money' 1754
'Schindler's Ark.' 1782mm
'The truth about the Titanic.' 1804mm
'A night to remember.' 1820mm
99 Books read so far since January 11th, 2015-which if stacked up on top of each other, makes up a height of 182cm
My height: 182 cm
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Other notes for this Goal:
Here's a tip. If you visit the Amazon site and type in the name of the title of the book you're reading, it will have the exact size in mm's, listed in the product description. It saves a whole lot of time. :-)