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A goal of Poppie on their 101 Things in 1001 Days list with a status of In Progress.
That's 69 inches of books!
Books so far:
1. Stayin' Alive
2 This Way For the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen
3. Fellowship of the RIng
4. The Two Towers
5. Egyptomania
6. Creatures of Empire
7. In the Shadow of Slavery
8. Suspect Relations
9. The Merchant of Venice
10. Rebecca's Revival
11. Mohawk Saint
12. Deathless
13. Cooked
14. Travels in Siberia
15. The Wages of History
16. From Silver to Cocaine
17. Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
18. The Road to Wigan Pier
19. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?
20. Bossypants
21. A Lifetime of Secrets
22. July's People
23. White Noise
24. A River Between
25. The Unbearable Lightness of Being
26. El lobo, el bosque y el hombre nuevo
27. Arrancame la vida
28. El beso de la mujer araña
29. The Ponds of Kalambayi
30. Love Medicine
31. Waiting for the Barbarians
32. The Song of Achilles
33. Saga (Books 1-4)
  Posted 4 years ago
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