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A goal of Aden Lynch on their 101 Things in 1001 Days list with a status of In Progress.
Almost to Weathertop with less than 2 miles to go. I have 1623 miles to Mordor.
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Other notes for this Goal:
Crossed Redhorn Pass and an about to be attacked by Wargs. 760 miles down. Over 1000 still left. It's been 9 months since I started this thing. Maybe I'm not walking enough on the day to day..
I met Glorfindel, passed to Ford of Bruinen, made it to Rivendell, back-tracked to the Ford of Bruinen, and am trekking slowly toward Holin Ridge. I have about 130 miles until I get to Holin Ridge and about 1372 miles to Mordor. I started this thing about 6 months ago and I am only 29% done with the journey. How did the Hobbits do this trip in only a few seasons?
Been awhile since I updated this. I have made it through Weathertop, past the Trollshaws, met Mr.Bilbo's Trolls and am nearly at the location where I can meet Glorfindel. The weather has cleared up nicely here in Beijing so I have taken to riding the bus into work and walking home. We'll see how much that changes. 405 miles down, 1527 miles to go.
I am between Midgewater Marshes East and Weathertop. Between December 7th and now, I have walked 212.65 miles. I have about 2 years left to walk another 1719.35 miles. Good thing it took the hobbits and dwarves several seasons to walk it, as well!
I am at Midgewater Marshes West with only 4.5 miles until I reach the east! 193.5 miles down!!!
I am between Bree and the west side of the Midgewater Marshes! (150 miles down 1800 something left) We can do this. Right?
I have made it to Tookland. (Which means I've walked five miles) That is not a lot...