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Note added to goal Declutter the desk
Making a lot of progress encouraged by hubby
Since the end of the 1001 days will occur while I'm traveling, I will make the list right after I return, but I can already start brainstorming while I travel.
I think this goal should be to get a food handler's license. That way I may have a chance if I apply for jobs that involve handling food.
We went whale watching again with my dad in spring 2017, but again no other kinds of whales. We saw lots of dolphins, though.
May: Two of the cards I sent were received in May (54/101)
One day in May, I deleted a whole bunch of messages that took me down from 72% to 69% in my account. Of course, most of those were still in the inbox...
June 6: Prep for VBS: Decorated large cardboard letters (those will be used form words to decorate the church and other rooms for the week of Vacation Bible School).
May: Helped out with CFAC again.
May 2017: Liturgie von links: Dorothee Sölle und das Politische Nachtgebet in der Antoniterkirche by Anselm Weyer.
Gettysburg: A Testing in Courage by Noah Andre Trudeau (audio).
Trump Survival Guide: Everything You Need to Know about Living through what You Hoped Would Never Happen by Gene Stone.
Four Blind Mice by James Patterson (audio).
Too late now. We did see a few on our roadtrips, but not the big wild fields. There were so many other things to see!
Note added to goal Invite J&U
Another one done thanks to my dad. He was the motivation to see them again, we gave them the option to visit them or them visiting us, they chose to visit us. (They have a beautiful house near the beach, but they had never been to out home.)
We visited a new little Japanese garden: Storrier Stearns Japanese Garden, Pasadena. We also saw Lotusland, where I hadn't been before, either. The Japanese Garden hadn't even been available to visit when I made the list, so I think that'll make the goal count as done The intent with this was to go out and see some interesting plants.
Note added to goal Visit a museum in Pasadena
I visited the Norton Simon Museum with my dad, the day after he got here. After that, we visited several more museums.
I applied to a couple of jobs at the beginning of May. I have one interview coming...
I'll count the one I just finished at the beginning of May: Liturgie von links: Dorothee Sölle und das Politische Nachtgebet in der Antoniterkirche by Anselm Weyer. After purchasing it in Germany last year, I immediately lent it to my dad, who brought it with him in March. Now I've read it, too. (2/3)
Note added to goal Get the files in order
We went through all the files that had piled up before my dad arrived in March, now we are almost done. Just a few already sorted ones left to be put into the filing cabinet.
Note added to goal Lose 25 pounds
Overall, 15 pounds down. The five pounds came of mostly at the beginning of the two months, then a plateau.
Shelly Lorrain Duffer Plus+ Member Way to go!!!
2 months ago
ImSoTea Awesome job!
2 months ago
March: Two cards I sent have been received in March (52/101).
Mockingjay(Book 3 of the Hunger Games trilogy) by Suzanne Collins (5/11)
Not sure about March, I think I helped out with Crafts for a Cause at the beginning of the month, before my dad arrived.
For April, I helped out with CFAC at the end of the month, after my dad had left.

May so far: CFAC Sunday packing up, as always. Backpack with mother's day gifts for Walter Hoving Home. Baby blankets for WPCC.
March 2017: Big Trouble by Dave Barry (audio), The Sympathizer by Viet Thanh Nguyen
April 2017: Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins (audio), Trail of Broken Wings by Sejal Badani (audio)
Note added to goal Lose 25 pounds
Overall 10 pounds down, looks like that is two below last month.
February: Five cards I have sent have been received in February. (50/101)
February: Helped out with Crafts for a Cause by packing up on Sundays and crocheting a Snoopy amigurumi.
February 2017:
Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng
Midwives by Chris Bohjalian (audio)
Loving Your Marriage Enough to Protect It by Jerry B. Jenkins (audio)
Inspector Morse: The Daughters of Cain (TV production with additional narration) (audio)
The Cat Who’ll Live Forever: The Final Adventures of Norton, The Perfect Cat, and His Imperfect Human by Peter Gethers
International Thriller Writers Presents Gone Fishing and Other Stories (audio)
Dangerous Allies by Louis L’Amour (audio)
I found a yummy detox chicken soup on Pinterest. They referenced a book that I have with a similar recipe. So I basically did a combination of the two recipes with adjustments for my taste (e.g. no peas).
Note added to goal Lose 25 pounds
Weight still slowly going down (after a little jump up when one day the food was too good ;) ). Overall 8 pounds down.
Three cards I sent have been received in January (45/101)
Did some Duolingo lessons in January (although at this rate, I don't know when I'll finish...)
January: Helped out with Crafts for a Cause a few times (glueing cards on Saturdays, help selling and packing cards on Sundays)
January 2017:
The 100-Year-Old Man who Climbed out the Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson
A Trilogy of Janet Evanovich, 3 Stephanie Plum novels: Four to Score, High Five, Hot Six (audio)
Note added to goal Bake a cake
January 6: I baked a mandarin orange cake. It didn't turn out perfectly, but it's edible
I got inspiration from a mandarin orange cake recipe on Pinterest. It turned out a bit too moist since my mix was a bit different, but if I want to do it again, I'll tweak the recipe a bit.
Note added to goal Lose 25 pounds
After finding out that now my blood pressure is a bit high, I'm trying to cut out sweets, and I'm starting to lose weight veeerrry slooowly.
Did many Duolingo lessons in December (all revisits). Including the special Christmas lesson set
December 2016: The Mysterious Mr. Quin: Twelve Complete Mysteries by Agatha Christie (audio).
The Christmas Blessing by Donna VanLiere.
Christmas, Present by Jacquelyn Mitchard (audio).
I sent most earlier, but just got the last two done today, Dec. 22. Wanted to send a gift with the card for my dad, but never made it to the post office for that. I "warned" him, though
Finally, I got this done in the middle of December. Now to keep it that way!
Note added to goal Update earthquake kit again
Exchanged most of the food items in November, because most of them were close to expiring.
A few people have sent me T-shirt yarn, so now I can do a multicolored project...
Note added to goal Declutter the desk
I started working on this when I got my new laptop
One card I sent was received in November (42/101)
Did a Duolingo lesson almost every day in November.
Now that I have a new PC, I am finally continuing to delete bunches of messages.
Also in November, I donated Secret Santa items for three families at Door of Hope. Then for one more family in early December, when they still needed second sponsors.
November 2016:
When the Women Come Out to Dance: Stories by Elmore Leonard (audio)
Praying through the Bible Vol. 1 by Markus McDowell (Kindle)
Same Kind of Different as Me by Ron Hall and Denver Moore
Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream by David Platt (audio)
Circus Mirandus by Cassie Beasley
The Christmas Promise by Donna VanLiere (audio)

Blue Crochet bear with scarf.
Four postcards I sent were received in October (41/101)
I don't know whether they ever officially showed up on my wishlist, but I've been wanting to read the Hunger Games trilogy. So far, I've read books 1 and 2 (4/11)
Continued doing lessons regularly in October. They introduced an app named TinyCards: I have used that to practice vocabulary a couple of times. And DuoLingo itself has a new feature, bots that you can have a somewhat realistic dialog with on a given topic, I've practiced with that feature as well.