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Albania - Tave kosi
Taiwan - green onion pancake with beef
Japan - Udon
France - Duck l'orange
Ireland - Barmbrack

Albania - Tavë kosi
Austria - Wiener Schnitzel
Belarus - Draniki
Belgium - Carbonade flamande
Bosnia and Herzegovina - Burek
Bulgaria - Tarator
Finland - Lohikeitto
France - Magret du canard
Georgia - Khachapuri
Germany -Rouladen
Greece - Moussaka
Hungary - Goulash
Italy - Ragu alla Bollognese
Ireland - Barmbrack
Moldova - Mămăligă
San Marino - Torta Tre Monti
Polish - Placki ziemniaczane
Sweden - Meatballs
Switzerland - Fondue
Ukraine - Pierogi
September /November 2016 - Introduction to Fabrication at Jewel Envy
January/March 2017 - Mediterranean cooking
August 2017 - Shiatsu workshop
January/March 2018 - French classes
July 2018 - Arabic Cheesemaking

Made it for my half birthday!

yasmim ferreira
Photo added to goal go snowshoeing

moonlight snowshoeing!

Lamb crown n.2.
Yep, I made two of them. I was scared to ruin one and mess up Christmas dinner ha!
Both were amazing. No leftovers.

Lamb crown n.1

The last skill to ace my makeup routine
January - ok!
February - ok!
March - ok!
April - ok!
May - ok!
June - ok!
July - ok!
August - ok!
September - ok!
October - ok!
November - ok!


October 1st, 2017
1 - http://www.instructables.com/id/Romtopf-aka-Berry-Liqueur/

August 13rd 2017
yasmim ferreira
Photo added to goal Go paintballing



1 year of change = 352.60!
September /November 2016 - Introduction to Fabrication at Jewel Envy
January/March 2017 - French beginner
January/March 2017 - Mediterranean cooking
50$ to the Toronto Humane Society
here: https://www.instagram.com/yasmim.b.ferreira/
Volunteered at ReStore, a second hand store ran by Habitat for Humanity to raise money for house construction. I may volunteer to build houses during summer too.
Make and delivery lunch bags for homeless in downtown Toronto.
Volunteer at the elderly Christmas party.
Pack gift bags at the Society of Sharing.
Cook and serve lunch at The meeting place in Toronto
Pack medical supplies with Not just Tourists, Toronto.
Clothing drive volunteer with The Yonge street mission.
$40 to Supporting Our Youth, Toronto based help center for the LGBTQ youth.
ballet - giselle
pearls and poison
ballet - cinderella
ballet - the nutcracker
my big fat german puppet show
All the money I had in my card today...
a- The Age of Adaline
b- Bridesmaids
c-Cinderella (205)
d- Dior and I
e- ex machina
f- Frankenwinnie
g- gone girl
h- Helicopter Canada
i- Interstellar
j- Jenny's wedding
k- keune
l- La la land
m- Mr. Nobody
n- Now you seen me
o- The One I love
p- Peanuts, the movie
q- Queen of the night
r- Run Lola run
s- Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
t- Thank you for smoking
u- Unkown
v- Vertigo
w - wanted
x- X-men: first class
y- The Young Victoria
z - zootopia


The Shoebox Project for Shelters, supported by Dream, collects and distributes gifts in the form of Shoeboxes to women who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness in communities across Canada and the US. Each Shoebox is filled with items valued at $50 that any woman will likely enjoy, but may not splurge on for herself in difficult times.

I attended a macaroon class and made my own batch!
March 4th

yasmim ferreira
Photo added to goal Go camping

camping in free camping sites, picnic areas and waterfalls along the road trip.

yasmim ferreira
Note added to goal Climb a mountain
Grouse mountain in Vancouver.
yasmim ferreira
Note added to goal Climb a mountain
Grouse mountain in Vancouver.
Toronto>> Vancouver in 9 days. Plus extra time in Vancouver!

once a month I go out with a meet up group to hand out lunch bags to homeless people.

I attended an archery beginner's class and also archery tag game. fun!

and I got a two weeks pass!

by Alfredo Cristinziano.
yasmim ferreira
Photo added to goal Go skydiving

skydive toronto!
https://www.instagram.com/p/9gRya4zcOQ/ bought a print of this photo.

Not a Michelin star restaurant (there is none in Canada), but R&D is run by a Michelin star chef and a Master Chef winner.

at Blue Mountain, Ontario.