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Climb a mountain / Ride in a hot air balloon / See the Northern Lights / Go to 3 different museums / Be a vegan for a week / Take one picture every day for a month / Watch 26 new movies, one for each letter of the alphabet / Don't eat chocolate for a week / Go on a road trip with no preset destination in mind / Go to a lighthouse / Touch my toes without bending my knees / Ride on a camel / Shear a sheep / Travel to Ireland / Make sugar cookies from scratch / Run a 5K race / Learn how to ski / Bake someone a cake for no reason / Run a mile / Go skiing in Colorado / Make an apple pie / Go to Four Corners, USA / Make homemade guacamole / Watch a sunrise in the Upper Peninsula MICHIGAN / Visit Nevada UNITED STATES OF AMERICA / Have dinner by candlelight / Bake a birthday cake for a friend / Buy a piece of art created by a local artist / Go to a baseball game / Learn to identify 10 birds / Keep a journal for a year / Visit Amish country PENNSYLVANIA / Become certified in CPR / Host a housewarming party / Don't drink alcohol for one month / Learn to decorate cakes / Go rock climbing (indoor or out) / Learn how to make pasta from scratch / Go on a road trip / Go horseback riding / Get my passport / Write a list of 101 things I've already achieved / Donate $100 to a charity / Send out Christmas cards / Paint my bedroom / Go to the top of the Statue of Liberty / Grow my hair out / Serve food at a soup kitchen / Eat sushi / Have a picnic on the beach / Have a pedicure / Cook dinner for my family / Start a retirement fund / Tube down a river / Run a 10k race / Make a cake for someone / Refinish a piece of furniture / Complete a cross stitch project / Journal every day for a month / Go river rafting / Become financially independent / Make a family tree / Try out Mexican food / Catch a fish / Create a recipe book / Get married and stay married / Visit a country I haven’t been to yet / Learn how to screen print / Learn how to play a song on the piano / Get a yellow polka dot bikini / Design and sew a dress / Make a pie from scratch / Write my name in the sand / Complete the 52 week money challenge / Learn how to make lasagna / Take a kickboxing class / Go ice skating / Go to all 50 states / Decorate a cake / Get a letter published in a major newspaper / Design business cards for myself / Make a list of things that make me happy / Experience the Day of the Dead in Mexico MEXICO / See the Iguazú Falls ARGENTINA / Explore Buenos Aires ARGENTINA / Taste Argentine wine ARGENTINA / Visit Buenos Aires ARGENTINA / Visit Iguazu Falls ARGENTINA / Visit Belo Horizonte BRAZIL / Visit Fortaleza BRAZIL / Visit Salvador BRAZIL / Visit Belém BRAZIL / Visit Recife BRAZIL / Visit Brasília BRAZIL / Visit Rio de Janeiro BRAZIL / Visit Ipanema beach BRAZIL / See the panoramic view of Rio BRAZIL / Visit Pão de Açúcar BRAZIL / Dress in costume for Carnival in Rio de Janeiro BRAZIL / Visit Itaipu Hydroelectric Dam BRAZIL / Visit Iguazú Falls BRAZIL / Visit Ouro Preto BRAZIL / Visit Salvador da Bahia BRAZIL / Hand glide over Rio de Janeiro BRAZIL / Join in the football madness at Maracana BRAZIL / Eat churassco in Brazil BRAZIL / Visit Christ the Redeemer BRAZIL / Visit Foz do Iguaçu BRAZIL / Hang Glide Over Rio de Janeiro BRAZIL / Visit Angra dos Reis BRAZIL / Visit the Historic Centre of Goiás BRAZIL / Visit Centro Cultural Banco Do Brasil (Brasilia) BRAZIL / Shop at the Rio Hippie fair at Ipanema BRAZIL / Visit the Historic Centre of Diamantina BRAZIL / Visit Centro Cultural Banco Do Brasil (Rio de Janeiro) BRAZIL / Visit São Francisco Square in São Cristóvão BRAZIL / Catch a sunset at the Ipanema Beach BRAZIL / Visit every state in Brazil BRAZIL / Visit the Historic Town of Ouro Preto BRAZIL / Stroll through Santa Teresa BRAZIL / Visit the Historic Centre of Olinda BRAZIL / Go to a samba club in Lapa BRAZIL / Drink a caipirinha in Brazil BRAZIL / Visit the Historic Centre of Salvador de Bahia BRAZIL / Attend the 2014 FIFA World Cup BRAZIL / Take a cable car ride up to the top of Sugar Loaf mountain BRAZIL / Take a walking tour of Rio de Janeiro BRAZIL / Visit the Iguassu Falls BRAZIL / Sunbathe at the Copacabana beach BRAZIL / Take Samba dance classes BRAZIL / Attend a football game at Maracanã Stadium BRAZIL / Attend the 2014 World Cup in Brazil BRAZIL / Dance at the Rio Carnival BRAZIL / Experience Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro BRAZIL / Attend the Carnival in Rio BRAZIL / Spend carnival in Ouro Preto BRAZIL / Spend a Carnival in Recife BRAZIL / Attend Carnaval in Brazil BRAZIL / Attend the Rock in Rio Music Festival BRAZIL / Attend the Salvador de Bahia Carnival BRAZIL / Celebrate Carnival in Rio de Janeiro BRAZIL / See Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janiero BRAZIL / Get a tattoo / Drink from a coconut / Go backpacking through Europe / Give money to a street performer / Make homemade spaghetti sauce / Make homemade pesto / Identify 100 things that makes me happy / Watch a Bollywood film / Don't wear makeup for a week / Don't drink alcohol for a month / Learn to play chess / Learn how to write with my non-dominant hand / Learn basic HTML / Learn the Cyrillic alphabet / Learn CPR / Learn how to juggle / Bake a different cake each month for a year / Learn a form of martial arts / Try pistachio ice cream / Witness a marriage proposal / Visit the Eiffel Tower PARIS / Visit Notre Dame Cathedral FRANCE / Visit the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul TURKEY / Donate bone marrow / Get braces / Visit Leipzig GERMANY / Make a new friend / Go to a concert / Visit Hamburg GERMANY / Walk along Avenue des Champs-Élysées FRANCE / Visit the Palace of Versailles FRANCE / Visit Notre Dame Cathedral FRANCE / Climb the Eiffel Tower PARIS / See the Eiffel Tower PARIS / Visit Paris FRANCE / Visit the Louvre FRANCE / Visit Guatapé COLOMBIA / Decorate a gingerbread house / Read 50 books / Write a new list for the next 1001 days / Attend a TED Talk event / Make an Indian curry from scratch / Photograph the Northern Lights / Double my income / Visit all 50 states / Stay in a cabin in the woods / Walk 10,000 steps every day for a year / Go to the movies once a month for a year / Don't swear for a week / Create a budget and stick to it / Make a custom recipe book / Make a list of 50 places I would like to visit in my lifetime / Host an ugly Christmas sweater party / Go kayaking / Visit the Shetland Islands SCOTLAND / Visit the Grand Canyon ARIZONA / Visit Iceland / Visit the Milwaukee Art Museum WISCONSIN / Send a handwritten letter / Have a child / Go to the theatre / Go to 5 concerts / Visit 3 new countries / Go on a road trip with friends / Learn French / Take a pasta making class in Italy ITALY / Walk the Camino de Santiago SPAIN / Buy a car / Buy a house / Ride a gondola in Venice ITALY / Write a haiku / Write my name in the sand / Write a love letter to my husband / Write a will / Go to a fireworks show on the Fourth of July / Bake a Fourth of July cake / Attend a Revolutionary War reenactment / Watch turtles enter the sea for the first time / Go swimming in the sea at night / Send flowers anonymously to a friend in need / Plant a tree on Earth Day / Visit an old teacher / Ride a roller coaster that goes upside down / Learn to locate all 50 US states on a map / Photograph an endangered animal / Ride in a limousine / See a double complete rainbow / Spend New Year's Eve in another country / Get a New Year's kiss at midnight / Stay up for new year countdown with friends / Do the polar bear swim on New Year's Day / Follow through with a New Year's resolution / Ring in the New Year in Times Square / Spend New Year's Eve in an exotic location / Visit Venice ITALY / Visit Grand Canyon National Park ARIZONA / Explore Petra JORDAN / Visit the Taj Mahal INDIA / Speak in front of a crowd of over 100 / Live in a foreign country for one year / Catch a snowflake on my tongue / Eat lobster in Maine MAINE / Cook an Indian meal from scratch / Become a bone marrow donor / Visit a Buddhist monastery / Tour a scotch distillery / Take a Spanish class abroad / Attend the FIFA World Cup / Attend The Masters Tournament GEORGIA / Attend a baseball game at Fenway Park MASSACHUSETTS / Attend a Red Sox vs. Yankees game at Yankee Stadium NEW YORK / Attend the Kentucky Derby KENTUCKY / Attend the Major League Baseball World Series UNITED STATES OF AMERICA / Attend a Stanley Cup Final / Attend the Summer Olympics / Compliment someone everyday for 10 days straight / Make a pie on Pi day / Donate an entire paycheck / Get rid of 100 things / Sleep in a treehouse / Ride a camel in the desert / Go snorkeling in a shipwreck / Take a moonlit walk on the beach / Try a basic meditation technique / Develop a workout routine that doesn't require equipment / Draw a self portrait / Make a comic strip / Spend a night stargazing / Create a flower arrangement / Watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day / Dance with someone in the rain / Make a birdhouse / Host a board games night / Do some birdwatching / Watch a play at a local theater / Take a free online class / Build a sandcastle / Go for a hike in the woods / Run through the garden sprinkler / Learn to write my name in Japanese / Watch a silent film / Ride in a horse drawn carriage / Live in a foreign country for three months / Sleep in an overnight train / Quit Facebook for a week / Send my parents on a vacation / Visit a tea plantation in India/Sri Lanka / Scuba dive in a shipwreck / Get a job in a foreign country / Watch 10 movies that came out before I was born / Stand on the equator / Have a picnic in a forest / Make vodka gummy bears / Swim with sea turtles / Bake cookies for someone / Double my income / Drink from a coconut / Hold a sloth /