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Help a friend obtain a goal / Help someone do something they thought they couldn't / Go to a burlesque show / Learn to change a tire / Learn to swim / Learn to knit or crochet / Make soap / Go to the opera / Smoke a hookah / Go to a drag show / Get a passport / Go to a yoga class / Read 10 classic books / Learn how to bake cookies / Attend the Dubai World Cup UNITED ARAB EMIRATES / Attend the FIFA World Cup / Attend the Melbourne Cup AUSTRALIA / Attend the UEFA European Football Championship / Attend the Cricket World Cup / Attend a Major Golf Championship / Go to Glastonbury Festival UNITED KINGDOM / Go to Oktoberfest GERMANY / Get my driver's license / Take a Yoga class / Buy a car / Improve my posture / Buy a house / Get a massage / Visit America / Visit Australia / See the Statue of Liberty NEW YORK / Eat at a Greek restaurant / Eat at a Greek restaurant / Identify 100 things that make me happy / Have a family portrait taken / Visit St. Augustine FLORIDA / Attend the Red Earth Native American Cultural Festival OKLAHOMA / Visit Grand Central Station NEW YORK / Ride the Kingda Ka roller coaster at Six Flags NEW JERSEY / See the Statue of Liberty NEW YORK / See the Liberty Bell PHILADELPHIA / Race up the Rocky steps in Philadelphia PHILADELPHIA / Get a library card / Learn a choreographed dance / Do a 30x30 Challenge (30 minutes of physical activity for 30 days) / Reach my goal weight / Visit the Massillon Museum (Circus artifacts), Massillon OHIO / Start a gratitude journal / Graduate / Identify 100 things that make me happy / Make a birthday cake for someone / Do some volunteer work / Visit the lakeside village of Hallstatt AUSTRIA / Read 100 books in one year / Go to a shooting range / Keep a food diary for a month / Quit drinking soda / Read a book in a foreign language / Buy an original piece of art / Write a song / Identify 100 things that make me happy / Stay Debt Free / Surprise my mom with flowers / Surprise someone with an unexpected gift / Sell a photograph / Sell a photo I have taken / Take a photography class / Eat vodka gummy bears / Make blueberry muffins / Make a rainbow cake / Make ice cream from scratch / Invent a board game / Swim in a fountain / Build a blanket fort and sleep in it / Create a scavenger hunt / Sing in public / Get a new lens for my camera / Join the library / Learn how to fold a fitted sheet / Attend a flea market / Have a picnic in the park / Learn to cook Chinese food / Make a cake from scratch / Read a graphic novel / Bake my own bread / Decorate the house with Christmas lights / Go sledding / Go on a spontaneous road trip / Go to a drive in movie theater / Volunteer on Earth Day / Make homemade pasta sauce / Have my teeth whitened / Make Christmas cards for my friends and family / Start driving / Go on a pub crawl / Ride a roller coaster that goes upside down / Learn how to apply eyeliner / Complete a 30 Miles in 30 Days Challenge / Spend an entire night out with friends and don't return home until daylight / See a 3-D movie / Buy an SLR camera / Paint the house / Visit Pittsburgh PENNSYLVANIA / Witness a solar eclipse / Go to a psychologist / Travel to Las Vegas / Go off-roading / Go barefoot for an entire day / Visit Austin TEXAS / Volunteer for Earth Day / Buy a scanner / Learn to ballroom dance / Repaint my room / Make smores on a bonfire / Go on a weekend road trip / Buy a new phone / Ride a snowmobile / Get a promotion or a new job / See a high school play / Grow my own garden / Kiss a girl / Memorize the presidents in order / Make pizza from scratch / Paint a picture on canvas / Bake a homemade pie / Strike up a conversation with a stranger / Go one month without soda / Buy a pet fish / Go to New York / See a lunar eclipse / Visit Iowa UNITED STATES OF AMERICA / Party in Vegas / Go to a live comedy show / Paint my nails / Wear fake eyelashes / Get a new hair style / Get a job in a foreign country / Travel to the West Coast / Move into a new apartment / Visit the seaside / Go to a haunted house / Make strawberry jam / Drink 5 cocktails I've never tried before / Experience a New Year's kiss / Get a spa pedicure / Attend a monster truck rally / Go to a wine tasting event / Change my signature / Visit Grauman's Chinese Theatre (now TCL Chinese Theatre) in Hollywood LOS ANGELES / Get certified in CPR / Read a poetry book / Buy a bookcase / Win something / Color in a coloring book / Visit Istanbul TURKEY / Make Skittles vodka / Bake an apple pie from scratch / Eat breakfast for dinner / Visit Liverpool ENGLAND / Build a snowman with the kids / Go snowboarding / Highlight my hair / Buy a sewing machine and learn how to use it / Buy an Xbox 360 / Visit Illinois UNITED STATES OF AMERICA / Stay awake for 24 hours straight / Learn first aid / Make my own ice cream / Act in a community play / Visit Mount Rushmore SOUTH DAKOTA / Visit Antarctica / Visit Barcelona SPAIN / Visit Easter Island CHILE / Visit Mesa Verde National Park COLORADO / Visit Madagascar / Have a garage sale / Live abroad / Visit Cuba / Visit the Nazca Lines PERU / Go to Dollywood / Visit Hawaii UNITED STATES OF AMERICA / Make a font out of my handwriting / Go parasailing / Go on a spiritual retreat / Go whitewater rafting / Visit Iguazu Falls ARGENTINA / See the Old Faithful geyser in Yellowstone National Park WYOMING / Listen to every Eurovision song contest song (1993-now) / Visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum OHIO / Research/start investment plan; start retirement fund / Take an acting class / Learn to identify all the countries on a map / Learn to throw a boomerang / Learn to drive a stick shift / Learn how to juggle / Learn how to parallel park / Become certified in CPR / Make a quilt / Visit Machu Picchu PERU / Get my teeth whitened / Go to Egypt / Landscape the backyard / Renovate the bathroom / Renovate the kitchen / Learn how to country line dance / Go to Japan / Participate in NaNoWriMo / Go to Disney World / Learn a musical instrument / Buy a house / Get laser eye surgery / Learn Arabic / Learn how to change a tire / Meditate daily / Watch IMDB's Top 250 Movies / Run a half marathon / Sell artwork you created yourself / Read a book out loud to someone else / Learn how to solve a Rubik's cube / Read 52 books in 52 weeks / Glimpse at the Parthenon in Athens GREECE / Speak at a conference / Learn to windsurf / Visit Russia / Have my fortune read / See the ocean / Join a gym / Go Geocaching / Go on an overnight hike / Spend a day exploring my city / Take a roadtrip with friends / Spend an afternoon reading at the park / Figure out my blood type / Learn to knit a scarf / Watch The Godfather trilogy / Learn to use chopsticks / Experience a New Year's kiss / Visit the Acropolis in Greece GREECE / Ride on a camel / Visit Gothenburg SWEDEN / Don't eat for 24 hours / Get married and stay married / Walk to Santiago de Compostela / Have a pajama party / Hold a door open for a stranger / Eat in an underwater restaurant / Exercise six days a week for a month / Read a Jane Austen novel / Make butter / Go bungee jumping / Make tiramisu / Take a mud bath / Visit the Lloyd's building in London LONDON / Participate in a flash mob / Spend a romantic night in a hotel for no reason / Make a stuffed animal / Try going vegetarian for a month / Plant a herb garden / Host a tea party / Read 10 literary classics / Learn how to surf / Make a pie on Pi day / Get a piggy bank / Take a baking class / Open a cookbook to a random page and make whatever is on it / Be in a serious relationship / Go to a sauna / Visit Poland / Apply for a job / Taste Riga’s Black Balsam LATVIA / Make something to sell on Etsy / Learn to pole dance / Write a love letter / Read To Kill a Mocking Bird / Learn to shoot a bow / Go line dancing / Travel to another continent / Be more disciplined with my goals / Complete a sewing project / Ask for a raise / Have dessert before dinner at a restaurant / Send a care package to someone / Learn how to play a new instrument / Be a movie extra / Ride on an elephant / Start exercising every day / Find a Geocache in at least 5 states / Try cooking with 10 herbs that are new to me / Do a 30x30 Challenge (30 minutes of physical activity for 30 days) / Learn about the oil industry / Take a wine tasting class / Finish a sketchbook / Read the Quran / Ride a gondola in Venice ITALY / Shuck oysters / Send a secret to PostSecret / Dance in a fountain / Run a full marathon / Go on a cruise / See the Northern Lights /